ABSTRACTER is an interesting band from San Francisco. I got so caught up in their music hat I had to interview them. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

What is the local scene like for a band like Abstracter? How are you treated by the metalheads?
Jose: They dig us.
Robin: The local scene in the Bay Area is good. There’s always a lot of shows happening and its not too hard to get on a show if we feel like playing. People seem to like what they hear.

I often wonder what the point is to release your stuff in small editions. Mostly because I’m too late in finding out about it. What can you benefit from these smaller editions?
Jose: Honestly, I Don’t give a fuck.
Robin: I just love to make noise which some people might interpret as music. We did a small run of tapes as an experiment to see if people would actually buy physical copies of our stuff. If we sell a bunch we can benefit from some extra cash.

Do you see a contradiction in promoting your band and people not being able to get hold of your stuff in physical formats?
Jose: No, most sheep, I mean people, are all about digital.
Robin: We have tapes you can buy right now. Next year our label The Path Less Traveled will release cd and vinyl of the album.

What are your thoughts on digital v/s physical? Do we see the end of the physical format?
Jose: I like records, so I think we would be in a world of shit without them.
Robin: Digital is nice because its harder to lose and you can’t break a or scratch up a digital record. CDs are totally lame but vinyl will always be cool and they aren’t going away anytime soon.

You latest (or is it) release only have three tracks on it yet they last for a long time. How do you go about writing songs and when do you know to end them? How long can a song be before you put an end to it?
Jose: I think we just know.
Robin: We start out with a cool riff or rhythm and put some more riffs and rhythms on it until it sounds like a song. We end a song when it gets too damn long.

When you write long songs how do you fit the lyrics into it? What kind of topics does fit the music you play?
Jose: Mattia writes all the lyrics. He’s amazing at what he does.

How do you play the songs live? Do they end up just one long jam session or what?
Jose: A “jam session” to me suggests to me a band just winging shit for a while!
Robin: We know exactly what we are going to play and what emotion’s we are trying to convey.

To me there seems to be a whole aura of mystery about Abstracter, or if you like an abstract feeling of not really knowing where you are. How much do you think about the way you present the band?
Robin: We just let the music speak for itself and try to put it in a package that looks cool. Those are the only presentations that really matter.

What is it that you want to say with the band, the music and the lyrics?
Jose: See answer to question #2
Robin: We don’t have a message or anything to say. We’re just tired of the same old doom/sludge/whatever and want to do something that sounds more interesting.

Will we see a future for the band?
Jose: See the answer to question #9
Robin: As individuals we will be around until we get tired of making music. If Abstracter will see a future that’s anyone’s guess.

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