It took me a long time before I actually lent ACHERON an ear. Don’t know why because the band has been in my consciousness for a very long time. If you like your metal extreme Acheron will deliver. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

It feels like Acheron has been in my consciousness since the beginning of time. How would like to compare the young Acheron with the older Acheron?
Vincent Crowley- Yes, I have been doing this band for over half my life. The difference between the older ACHERON and newer ACHERON is just simple evolution. This band will always stay true to its roots, but the music and ideology will continue to push forward and strive to combine the greatest elements of ACHERON from the past and present. I think the song writing is stronger these days and the band is just so much more powerful than it was in the days of old. Perhaps that is because Kyle Severn (drums) and myself are the older warriors and our two guitar player Max Otworth and Shaun Cothron bring in some new energy since they are the young guns. Their enthusiasm has made us even more motivated to keep this Satanic Musical War Machine alive. I must say that the last 5 years has been the greatest time in ACHERON, which includes recording and playing shows. It may have took 20 years to get to this place, but I am really enjoying the spoils of war.

When your career goes up and down does it ever become frustrating that you time after time have to start over again with a new label or a new line-up?
VC- Hell Yeah! That is why the band has broken up several times. You bust your ass trying to make things happen and then people or labels you work with just drop the ball. We are presently looking for a new record label, so that always is a pain in the ass. I just hope the next one at least can do a good job with us, As for the line-up, Kyle, Max and myself have been playing together for about 7 years. (Kyle and I about 12 years.) That is longer than most bands stay together. (Ha, Ha) Our new 2nd guitarist Shaun has been with us about a year and is working out great. Everyone who has seen ACHERON before says this is the best live line-up that we ever had. I think the positive attitudes from all the present members are paying off.

In working with smaller labels do you ever feel limited in the things you want to do but can’t because of monetary reasons?
VC- Absolutely! People are always amazed with the status we hold in the underground without really getting a serious push by any of our past labels. Sure, some labels took out some ads and pushed us a little, but nothing serious like most bigger labels do for their bands. And no tour support what-so-ever! It would be nice to find a label that has the balls to promote and support and band like ACHERON. Over 20 years of playing Metal and we are still fucking hungry to play music! Can’t say that about a lot of bands.

What is it about death metal that is so fascinating? Could Acheron be Acheron had you played plain old heavy metal?
VC- I really hate labels. We have always been called Black/Death Metal, a mixture of both genres. But if you listen to our music there are indeed many hints of plain old Heavy Metal. I personally like most Metal music and I’d totally be into playing some old school metal on the side.

How does Greek mythology and Satanism correlate? Why the choice of band name?
VC- In modern Satanism ALL mythologies are very important. Satan is used as an archetype, not an actual being. My beliefs are far more detailed then some devil worshipper inverting the words in the Bible. In the Satanic philosophy “Satan” is only one of many mythological characters you can use as a power source. One may prefer to use a Greek character instead? The Devil has existed in ALL cultures, such as PAN, SET, LOKI or whoever. I picked ACHERON because it was the river that led the lost souls to Hades. And our music in a way does just that, it leads the listeners down a dark path.

How important for the band is it to have a very specific/prolific philosophy?
VC- Very important. Since I write the lyrics, I want what I create to be something I would agree on or enjoy reading. ACHERON is a part of the Left Hand Path. That means our concepts and ideas will always be based upon the darker elements of the world. The Occult, Anti-Religious, Violence, Sex and Rebellion will always be the ACHERON way!

You have a high profile but you’re still not big enough to tour extensively on your own. How do you go about touring and promoting the band the best possible way with the limited resources I guess you have at your disposal?
VC- We just play select shows and festivals for now. I don’t really se that changing unless we actually get a good record label to sign us and push us. We are actually getting ready to play the NEUROTIC DEATHFEST in Holland and do a Brazilian Tour with OBITUARY in April 2012. We have been keeping busy, lets hope it gets even better.

With an extensive back catalogue as yours, how do you choose songs to play live? Are there ones that are more important than others?
VC- I interact with the fans a lot! I get their input and find out what their favorite songs are. Also, you get to learn their favorites playing live. I swear I have never done a show without hearing people call out for “Fuck The Ways of Christ” or “Ave Satanas”.

When writing new songs how do you avoid repeating yourself? Do you have every note written memorized so that you?ll not repeat yourself?
VC- You just have to do your very best. I think we have done a pretty good job of making all our albums sound different, but still in the ACHERON style.

Does the future for Acheron look bright? What can we expect in the nearest future?
VC- Our goal is to find a new record label and record our next album “KULT DES HASSES”. People really enjoyed our last album “THE FINAL CONFLICT: Last Days of God”, so we hope to return with some stuff they will really like. Lots of new and different ideas on the next album, but bringing back a lot of the Old School ACHERON elements. And lyrically it will be like a mix between “LEX TALIONIS” and ANTI-GOD, ANTI-CHRIST”. SO keep a look out for us and hopefully we shall see you al very soon! Ad Maiorem Satanae Gloriam!

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