As I knew very little about this band I thought an interview was in order. Don’t know if I got that much wiser about the entity that is ACHERONTAS but here’s the interview anyways. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Would you say that your music career has matched the goals you set up when you started?
-The mission of this Coven is one:To Express our Inner World of Experience through the Science of Occultism. So from That Option has already be Completed.

If you play your albums back to back how does the progression curve look like?
-Evolution in all planes is Logical. Not Evolution is a type of Death…and Must be Fought Off..We strive for Evolution in this Modern Culture and to Challenge our Will By Creation and Spiritual Evolution. But regarding the Album I love all of my Creations as each of them had a different Goal and Approach.

You have an album out that you promote now. How pleased are you with it?
-We are proud and pleased indeed , as this album is the most completed work of Acherontas , combining the musical experience of 17 years. The task of the Coven is never to compromise , always pushing the boundaries to the next level. We created something new , bearing a few similarities with our past works. It is pointless to repeat ourselves , as repetition leads to stagnation. ‘’Amenti’’ was a challenge , both musically and spiritually. The bond with the past is very strong of course , and the elements of the music of Acherontas are present and expressed.We combined the BM element of the past with many new characteristics , experimenting further with the musical out come of the Coven. A lot of Ritual ambient parts were created and the guest musicians that participated on the Opus (granted their personal magical aura to the whole. The process of channeling ‘’Amenti’’ into music and words was by far , the hardest test. We sacrificed a lot of Will and personal effort as individuals , composing and recording under hard circumstances. All this effort and struggle flourished though , as the result is charged with energy not only musically but also spiritually. It is a dark esoteric album , an invocation ignited by the Coven , to ignite the Flame within those who have the eyes to see and ears to hear , to contemplate with the aura of ‘’Amenti’’. For Acherontas , this work is the apex of our creation , a milestone of all these years of progress. Our Will is now stronger , and the standards are set higher , once more.We are proud that our Coven embraced artists as Arditi,Nightbringer,Emme Ya and Black seas of Infinity..True Devoted Artists that breath Ki to the Art not only by their musical Skills but and Spiritually…

How hard is it to find the right kind of people that understand your musical vision?
-I am not living in a delusion that all people can Feel behind the Skin of Creation…Occult Black metal is a trend Now and when a trend take place many Delusionists or charlatans appears. Many cross our path ..few will rise. I am not searching for followers…If someone has the Potential to Look behind the Skin then is welcome.

Is there a concept behind ACHERONTAS? How would you describe it?
-Our coven cross the Drakonian path of perfection. From the Summerian Traditions and Mysteries to the footprints this tradition left behind in other systems of Western Civilization as Hermeticism,Alchemy,Kaballah E.t.c..Our lyrics Deals with the Dream Workings,The Astral Vampirism, Luciferian Exaultion and The Atavistic Reversion in this Modern world of Rotten Values.

How important are the art work for bringing out what it is that you want to say with the band?
-The Artwork we create is total United with the lyrics and the Concept of each Rite…This Union is -like an Archetype for the Individual to Feel and Dream..

How important is choosing the right album title? Does the title have to have anything to do with the lyrics?
-Of course…It would be silly an album title without meaning and Union with the Lyrical and Philosophical approach..Everything we Write as lyrics are based in our Personal Nightside Experience..We are not like the Kids out-there that repeat words from the Books they Read last Night in Pdf…Theory without Experience is an Empty Womb…The upcoming album is entitled ‘’Amenti’’. By this name we wanted to charge the release with the vibrations of a glorious Egyptian symbolism , to denote the route of the Work and reveal one more element of the Coven’s quintessence. ?he Halls of Amenti were a vortex of unlimited energy according to the Papyrus of Ani , the center of the World. A place of Judgement and deliverance.

How much time and effort do you spend on the lyrics?
-There is not Limit…I am writing till the Puzzle shall be complete.Not Effort..I am writing Only when I Feel to..

Do you feel that ACHERONTAS get the attention you deserve? What kind of reactions have you had so far?
-We have strong Feedback in shows, through reviews and simple contact from Individuals that write their feelings to Us when listen our stuff…But this is not the Point…From the Moment we are expressing our Inner Self, the Half of the Mission is Complete.

What kind of future do you see for the band?
-We live the Eternal Present..And we will see..All depends from the Inspiration we gonna have in our next Steps..We will not Enter in Studio if we would not be 100% sure that we will Create something Better from our Past Releases…A level Higher in the Musical and the spiritual Plane.

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