Greek metal has always been of the highest quality. ACID DEATH are no exception. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

When you’ve been at it for a number of years what is it that keeps you going? What else is there to achieve?
-The band was stopped back in 2001 for many reasons… There were many inner problems and the acceptance of the metal fans was really small because of our music style that wasn’t popular… “Technical/Progressive Death Metal from Greece? Are you serious?”. Things worked really bad also between us by losing the interest to Music that was the most important thing for a band to continue playing. Things stopped in just one night with the next years to find us in other bands. ACID DEATH was our life and this wasn’t a lie. So after almost 10 years, after conversations for solving all the past issues and by adding two new brothers, things worked fine! Music is the most important thing in our lives and that’s the way we are continuing. And now we are on a really good way by creating a “team” that wants to work.

I’ve always wondered why you Greeks are so into metal yet so very few bands make it out of Greece and onto bigger and better things. Is there a benefit to being underground that gets lost once you make it bigger?
-Yes, you are right…There are many and really good bands from Greece but only few have been standing out of the underground level. There are many reasons behind this. First of all the fact that for many years Greece was a really “exotic” place for being in someone’s mind as a Metal country. I still remember some reviews for ACID DEATH’s “Pieces Of Mankind” CD of 1999 that starting “…Death Metal from Greece?? Are you sure?”. On the other hand there were many times that bad movements from bands stigmatised a whole scene, e.x. there were many labels that had a really bad view for Greek bands because of the bad production that some demos had and they starting to keep a stance like “Greece? Ok! Time is money, we won’t waste it for those losers…Let’s go to the next demo…”. And most important, today’s political situation makes everyone to hesitate investing to a Greek band. Things a re totally different for the bands that give their 100% under difficult circumstances and they are ready to offer their best for what they do. The productions are at really good level and the entire level that Greek bands have today is similar to any other European band that is successful and the only thing that is missing is that magic hand that will raise them from the underground level.

What kind of infrastructure is there for bands to play and socialize in Greece? Can we speak of a united scene?
-For many years the Greek scene was, let’s say, not organized with the meaning that the bands didn’t have the entire experience that European bands had, on the issues like production, live shows etc. Today we can talk with different words on all those because of the big steps of progress that the bands have made. Of course there is a lot of work behind this. But today’s Greek Metal scene is of course in a rather underground lever but there is something like “unity” between the bands, especially in extreme Metal. Most important thing is that mistakes of the past made all of us to act in different ways, more professional, more dedicated to what we do.

When you come from Greece and play death metal do you automatically draw inspiration from the Greek mythology?
-Not always. Of course Greek Mythology is a really big historical part that always inspires but the thematology can vary. In our case there was a big inspiration in the past from authors like Stephen King and Clive Barker. The same happens to all the bands of this kind, of course there are many examples of bands that are totally inspired by Greek Mythology.

What kind of impact/influence does the Orthodox Church have on the everyday life? How big is Christianity in Greece?
-I dare say the influence that Orthodox Church does today is really small. There is of course a strong tradition in Greece that is a part of our history but today Orthodox Church just exists together with all the other modern ideas. Things are different in Greece instead of the entire Europe that the Church always wanted to “govern” things. The faith exists but the Church tries not to “guide” the people buy giving the freedom of valuating things in life.

How pleased are you with your new album “Eidolon”? What kind of ideas are behind it?
-“Eidolon” is our 5th official release and the 1st after band’s re-union in 2011. We are really happy with the result. For all those that haven’t heard anything from ACID DEATH it could be described as an aggressive Technical Death Metal record in the veins of Atheist, Cynic or Messhuggah. For those that were into our past recordings I dare say that it is an “angry” Random’s Manifest of 2000. The basic idea behind the main song is the devotion of a big Commander by his soldiers and the decay that they faced because of his perverse character. It is like a novel story but it could be a reality, based on how the people are behaving today. Generally the album includes many stories like this, true or phantastic, touching the horrible side of life…

When you write music do you have a set idea of what you want to achieve? How spontaneous is the writing process?
-Not always. We prefer to work in a rather spontaneous way and adding the personal signs to every song. Usually one of us is coming with a basic idea of a song, usually 2-3 riffs, and all the others “build” it with our ideas. Working like a team for us is perfect and things are working fine.

How important is the art work? Does it have to represent the title totally or just in part?
-The artwork is always a very important thing of an album. It has to be in the same mood with the music, it has to re-present the album in the eyes of someone that doesn’t know that this album sounds like. Our designer, John Nakos, he is also the singer of an extreme Greek band called MORTAL TORMENT made to impress the ideas, the music and the entire mood that “Eidolon” caries in the pages of the artwork.

How do you go about finding the appropriate art work to go with the album?
-Well, it wasn’t easy since we wanted something that would re-present the album but to be “to the point” the same time, without too much information on it, I mean something that would be easy to be legible as album’s cover. Trying to find a designer we saw many ideas, simple, less simple, really complex… We believe that John made a really good job!

What do you see in the future for Acid Death?
-Really dark!! Hehe! Just kidding. We believe that ACID DEATH is a really good team that will work even harder. Music is our life and this is leading us. We are sure that things will be better day-by-day and we’ll try our best for that!

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