I usually don’t care too much about a bands origin but I gotta admit that there’s a certaing charm to bands that come from South America. ACID EVIL’s brand of thrash metal struck a nerve in me. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I’m not too familiar with the metal scene in Ecuador. What is it like being a metal band in Ecuador?
-Well, being a metal band in Ecuador is somewhat common, but being an honest and dedicated band that if it’s difficult. There are many events here where any band can play live with a poor sound public that lacks personality. At the moment I’m not even a band playing live but when really it will be for people who understand my music. On the other side we have great bands in music and ideology that have been kept alive over the years and other new bands that have been handled in such a way that our country is known for their music.

South America has given us metalheads some pretty good metal bands but most of them have come from Brazil. Why is the rest of South America so far behind in getting worldwide attention?
– Is true, this is because in Brazil, created the first record label that helped spread the bands of that time one of them is this support Cogumelo big bands came Sarcofago, Holocaust,Sexthrash, Mutilator, Chakal, Vulcano, Sepultura. Then bands appear in the media of countries such as Colombia and Peru.
Now it’s different stamps from around the world pay more attention to Southamerica bands because we have a special sound and they like it, because we have excellent references for the bands I mentioned earlier.

From what I understand most of your releases are tape ones. What is it with tapes that attract you to them?
-Honestly use a tape these days is a treat because we want to be in that format so came the first productions of all the bands that influenced us musically.

In only releasing limited editions, don’t you limit the chance of getting noticed by a larger audience?
-Yes is limited, in my case it was the first choice that I had and I found it interesting because it was all that I wanted something very personal, after several months when people asked me for copies in this moment I knew that maybe I should have done so that I could distribute my material, however not all is bad what I did because the few copies that go for the world now are in right hands.

Do you ever plan on releasing something that more people will get a chance to hear before it sells out?
-Sure, that’s why I made a split tape with a German label (Dying Victims) I have big plans for the production of the second recording.

How hard is it to be a band in a place like Ecuador? Whenever we hear something from Ecuador on the news it is only about bad things?
-The problems that we have is for politics and politicians but is not just in Ecuador every country in the world have it and many others, if you have the opportunity to know my country I am hundred percent sure it would be good ambassador because we have a lot of culture and people very important and as Ecuadorians have left my country at the, maybe you refuse to go home. It’s not so hard to be a metal band, outside the underground scene there are many people involved who is able to hold events at the national level once a year, a week dedicated to the rock in three different cities of our Ecuador, with good sound the bad thing is that many of the bands do not strive to have decent recordings and find stamps that support the bands occur inexperience alone. And all that is lost in his lust for recognition and acceptance. You know what I mean….. The underground scene is real because they are people really interested and dedicated to this, bands and labels work together, talk and have a fair deal for both parties, we have no complications because the only interest is the good music and only that.

I guess it must be hard to find the right people who understand how to record metal bands in Ecuador. How easy is it to record at home and get a good sound that way?
-Well it’s not easy to record at home because you need proper equipment and technology to have a decent sound. Here we have people doing a good job of all this evil is to rent that technology and experience is very expensive.

Had I not seen your split tape with Demona I would not have known about you. How important is it to get noticed by us metalheads?
-For me it is not really important to force the attention of someone (metalheads, magazines or labels) because everything comes in addition. I’m not looking for anything special for Acid Evil just to let people know where I am and that is brutal bands in my country who have not yet been discovered, recently another zine form your country comes to do a documentary about a old Ecuadorian Black Metal Band

What master plan do you have for Acid Evil?
-Well, for next year ending the second EP recording of “Killing for Living” and get a good deal with some label to produce it on vinyl! Well Anders, thanks let me have some more about how little people know about me, Killer Greetings to all of metalheads from Ecuador, Colombia. Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Mexico, NY, California, Germany, Italy, England, Singapore, Malaysia and China and those who are not on this list know me in Battlehelm

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