I wrongly mistook ACRIMONIOUS for a British band when they clearly are Greek but that doesn’t make the metal they play any less good. Anders Ekdahl©2013

How important is a band’s name in establishing that first contact between band and listener?
-Acrimonious stands for the Adversary. Samael the Black, that is innerly expressed via Choronzon, that is the Gatekeeper to the great Abyss, which is symbolised by the reptilian brain and the subconscious levels of ancient existence…restoring what was lost into form via going backwards and Cunningly Inwards.

Does geography mean anything in gaining the interest of the listener? Are certain areas more interesting than others?
-You mean geography the lesson? I was not a very good student in school in geography…i used to pass horses for zebras because in my village there are no zebras.

When I saw the cover to your latest album I got something completely different in mind as to what actually came out my speakers. How important is the art work in establishing anticipation of what to come?
– We also got a completely different thing in mind when confronted with the art of Kyle Fyte, the artist behind Sunyata’s Aesthetics…and that is why we chose him, because we are bored with all the copy paste album covers that are infesting black metal…art should (at least) try to mimic reality, which is shapeless and boundless, and follows no order and structures of a finite thoughtform that people call “the Planet Earth” and the physical Universe of 3dimensional illusion.

How hard was it to come to the sound that you have? How did you find the sound that you have?
-Good question… I listened to Storm of the Light’s Bane when I was in highschool, and after that I wanted to make a band to pay tribute to that Evil Sound. Also Mortuary Drape’s All the Withces Dance, Mystifier’s Goetia, Mayhem’s DMDS, Watain’s Casus Luciferi, Sarcofago’s INRI, Nifelheim Servants of Darkness, Order from Chaos demos and the first lp and -of course- Necromantia’s Scarlet Evil Witching Black… have, among others fueled the fire for the early stages of the band…nowdays things are different, because we are basing our style on Mystical Inner Experiences of a Magical-Tantrik Model of Operation which serves as the fuel for music-gnosis. In order to keep a riff for Acrimonious, we have to be certain that it vibrates in accordance with the molten brains of the putrified corpses in the Smashan Gats of the Eternal ten faced Goddess of Eternal Triumph, that is Kali the Destroyer and Kali the Bestower of Boons.

How hard is it to build a band’s name in this day and age when instant gratification seem to be the most important and longevity is out the door?
-That’s why we as a band never cared shit about who is doing what, and what is going on, on the internet…I grew up listening to traditional heavy metal at the age of 10 and was anticipating like hell when a new record of a band I liked would come out…it all comes down to what you are eager to sacrifice…Time is what is needed to be sacrificed here, as the more you suffer from anticipation, the better the reward will be in the end…nowdays, people just download music without really paying attention to anything else than the superficial aspect of the music. which is great if you are a scum of the earth that only cares to gratify his basic needs of survival (eat fuck cook clean and piss on his own vomit).

What Importance do the lyrics play in creating a whole?
-Words are vibrations of a different kind, a more subtle if you will. So when it comes to music, for me if you want to have a good song, you have to have good lyrics as well…if you don’t do that, well…then the song might still be good, but remember what the Hindus say about Mantras, and how the mysteries of music are connected to words of Power. I personally ONLY listen to music with a message.

Would you say that you are a part of a scene? What in your opinion defines a scene?
-Yes we are…of the scene that you LIve what you preach…

When I started out you had to write letter by hand if you wanted to contact a band. Do you feel that the electronical age has made the contact between band and listener impersonal?
-Not necessarily. I grew up listening to demo tapes, eps and lps. So I am a bit romantic when it comes to these things, as I still listen to my favourite lps regularily. In the end, everything is pinned down to what you are
willing to give to Art. I used to melt my lps from overuse, destroy the inlays because of metal madness and care shit for anything else other than the transcendental aspect of the music. If you want to appreciate music, you will have to give a
part of yourself to the experience. If you do not do that, you will at best receive an entertaining aspect of it, but never the Wholeness and Completeness that Music blesses you with,-if you are ready to sacrifice yourself to receive the gnosis hidden in the layout, in the booklet, in the music itself. If the artist bled to death while writing music, then if you want to appreciate it the right way, you will have to bleed as well. If not you are a poser…
Remember always…Forge Not Works of Art, but Swords of Death…for therein lies great Art.

What are the disadvantages contra advantages with communicating electronically?
– I don’t know…

What kind of future do you plan for?
-Read the lyrics of The Somberlain by Dissection.

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