You might have seen the name ADORNED BROOD float about in the sea of metal that we all swim in but for some reason never really bothered to check them out. That is until now. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Adorned Brood is a band that I’ve been aware of for a long time but haven’t bothered to check out. How would you like to sell me the band in order for me to rush out and check out your back catalogue?
-We are a band that always wants to improve their style and add new elements to the music. As a result we have a continuous progress in our music.
When we started the band in 1993, Black Metal had a strong influence on our music. But due to the fact that we use a concert flute, there was and always has been a folkloristic and more classical approach in our music. From album to album we concentrated on the progress of our song-writing and improved the arrangements to always come out with killer songs which kick ass. Therefore every album has its own character and each of them represents an important stage of our development as a band. E.g. on our “Erdenkraft” album we had very present female vocals, on our “Noor” album we used accordion tunes and on our new album “Kuningaz” we have a guest musician which plays the viola.

To me Adorned Brood has always been folk/pagan/heathen metal long before these sub-genres were even thought up. How would you describe your sound?
We play a style that could be described as Pagan Metal. But we additionally use certain elements such as the classical flute, acoustic instruments plus extended and atmospheric parts which add a really special and unique character to our music. Another very strong element in our music are the vocals including the self-made choirs, especially on our last three albums. The guitars have a very elaborated riffing and we always place some progressive parts in our songs. Despite all that facts, we use catchy melodies in our songs and most of the time deliver choruses that invite to sing along.

What kind of developing curve do you feel that the band has taken over the years? How do you keep evolving without losing touch with original idea of the band?
-Over the time we experimented with a lot of new elements and influences and added them to our sound. The pure Metal attitude of the first songs we wrote still builds the strong fundament of our music, but the riffing and the arrangements became more diversified.
Throughout all albums you can hear the progress, but the genuine spirit is still alive and vivid.
Our upcoming CD “Kuningaz” will feature more acoustic instruments than we ever had before and, as a consequence, a lot of instrumental parts. Nevertheless it is a very hard album and could be seen as a link between past and present Adorned Brood songs.
We also re-recorded our old song “Totenmarsch”. It is a bonus track on the limited digipak edition of “Kuningaz”. We added it as a special thanks to all our fans out there. Though it’s an old song, it fits perfectly to the other songs on the album.

With your long history you must have made decisions that in hindsight might not have been the best ones. What has been the worst decision you’ve made in order to further the band and what did that decision do to hinder the band from moving forward?
-It is always hard to find good partners which support the band and give their best to push things forward. That concerns labels, booking agencies, managers, etc. In the past we had several negative experiences which caused a lot of trouble. But we came over these times and are now very happy with our new partner Massacre Records. They really kick ass.

Have you always had titles and lyrics in German? What does the German language bring to the music that English can’t do?
-Yes, German lyrics have always been an important element in our music. On some older CDs about half of the lyrics are in German. For us, being a German band, German lyrics of course are very natural.
But it is hard for us to tell how German lyrics are perceived by someone that does not understand them. Over the years we were told that the German language seems very harsh to non-native speakers. For that reason, we think that songs with German lyrics sound harder than the ones with English lyrics. On our upcoming album you will also find German lyrics besides the English ones.

When you don’t sing in English does that limit your potential reaching more fans worldwide? Or is it enough to just reach out to the German speaking audiences?
-It does not seem to limit our potential to sing in German. Actually some of our German songs are global favourites of our fans. Especially our cover versions of German folksongs.
And we personally like to listen to other bands with native lyrics that we don’t understand, e. g. Alcest (fr), Kampfar (nor) or Arkona (rus).

How much a part has the German folklore played in shaping the band? Do you draw influences from old German music too?
-Folklore in general is a good possibility to get an impression on the way our forefathers lived and to understand it in a better way.
We used this knowledge to form the band and keep it going for almost 20 years.
A big variety of musical influences builds the background of our song writing skills. Of course old Germanic music also has an impact on this.

I understand that there a number of renaissance fairs in Germany during the summer. What is so fascinating about that era and where does Adorned Brood fit into that whole scene?
-Nowadays a lot of people live in a full industrialised country with a very technical surrounding. Although live is very comfortable now, it also can be very stressful and complicated. In our opinion it is the human need to be or feel close to nature, that arouses peoples interest in the way our forefathers lived. People need a connection to nature for their balance.

Is there a specific German mentality of embracing the old or is that found all over Europe too?
-No it is not a typical German mentality. It is more like a European continental interest in our history and our shared and multi-facetted culture.

What future do you see for Adorned Brood once the new album is out?
-We are focusing in playing more shows outside of Germany and outside of Europe. In December we will play in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
In general we will concentrate on playing live to present our new songs to a growing audience. Next year we celebrate our 20th anniversary as a band and a tour is already being planned. Check out our new album “Kuningaz” which will be released on 23rd of November and see you at our shows!!!

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