ADRENECHROME seemed like a nice enough band to get to know a bit better so what better way to so than an interview. Answered by guitarist CHRIS FRIESEN. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I am totally new to the world of Adremechrome. Could you please give me a short introduction to the band?
-We’re 4 regular dudes who are completely and totally obsessed with music, if we’re not crackin jokes and bein smart asses we’re playin, teachin and preachin music all day every day.

How important is it to have a fully developed band story to get noticed today?
-Well show buissiness is a lot of smoke and mirrors but we’re pretty regular guys, so building “the legend” and adding a little mystery is a big part of what u do as a band to get noticed.

How much humour do you infuse in your music? Can it be too humorous and too silly?
-Content wise we’re pretty serious musically and lyrically, but there’s always room for humour in art, that being said too much humour can sometmes take away from the “mystery” of your band.

Is there a difference coming from a smaller city when it comes to being able to shape your sound?
-Maybe in the fact that we’re not as influenced by the mainstream cuz we’re a little farther from it, we don’t really follow trends.

How did you find your way to the sound that is Adrenechrome?
-Condencing our influences and tracing our musical roots, I find a lot of bands these days model a sound after their favorite band, who most likley came out in the last 5 years and end up sounding like a watered down copy of that band. One needs to draw from a large pool of influence and trace the roots of the sounds you enjoy. Finding out your favorite bands, favorite band, and seeing where they got that sound from and why.

What is up with the band name? It is kinda hard to pronounce and remember.
-It was one of the only ones we could find that wasn’t taken already [in that spelling] and its an homage to one of our favorite movie “fear and loathing in las vegas”. It also contained the urban legend of obtaining a drug by means of extraction from a living human being, the idea of commiting murder for a fix had a morbid appeal.

What kind of plan do you have for conquering the world? Do you start slow with Canada or are you going for the throat straight away?
-Tour, tour and more tour…..we wanna crush Canada this year and anywhere else we can given the opportunity. Touring Europe would be a dream come true

What are the benefits of releasing an EP instead of a full length album? Why not go for the full length from the beginning?
-We spent quite a bit on the EP, we would have love to do more songs but budget restraints we’re in effect. The next one we want to be nice and healthy.

Where do you feel that you fit in on the Canadian metal scene?
-We’re a little bit old school and a little bit new school, we haven’t played to many show where we didn’t fit in that well. I think we’re somewhere in the middle between death metal and pop rock.

What would you like the future to bring to the band?
-Bigger shows, bigger tours, another record or 12, and a chance for the world to hear our music.

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