Greece isn’t just extreme metal. SEPTEMBER CODE is the proof of that. If you like your hardrock/metal less extreme then you be worse off than checking this outfit out. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

How would you like to present the band to somebody that hasn’t heard of you before?
-Five men involved in music for many years, with influences from all musical styles from classical to jazz and from blues to metal, decided to create a new expression path. Each member composes music ideas freely and offers to the rest team the opportunity to interfere and twist it. Likely, what reaches people’s ears is a sound of five personalities that musically are just one person. It’s unique and it’s called September Code!

What have you been up to between the debut album and the new album? How would like to describe your progression curve?
-The band spent quite a lot of time to replace former singer Loukas Panourgias. He left the band to follow different music directions. Singer/guitarist Dim Koskinas is the new member of September Code and you can notice his contribution on the band’s sound by listening to our last release, “Remembering Mirrors”. Arranging and recording this album was a great experience. After that we had to care about mixing (with Mark Adrian), mastering (with Ted Jensen) and the artwork
(Zila). When the album was finally released things started rolling. I mean reviews, interviews, gigs in Athens, including some TV shows, that progression curve you said follows an up direction!

Where do you fit in nationally? What kind of audience do you draw?
-As I said, September Code mix influences from many kinds of music and many eras. Elements of western music can be found everywhere in the album and, speaking of eras, “Sub-Care” for example is a choir song which reminds Gregorian chant, while in “Less Than a Moment” you can listen to a funk base line. On the other hand there are many sounds based in traditional music of South Europe. Check “Beautiful as a Sin” which mixes Flamenco and Gypsy Jazz with Gothic Rock, or “W.A.R.”, a song with elements of traditional Greek music. A September Code live show draws audience that consists of all ages and both sexes. I believe that it is important for a band not only to perform good but to create a suitable background with light show, images etc. That will help everyone in the audience to communicate with the band and to have a better understanding of the whole thing. After all, it’s not just a concert, it’s a show.

Do you feel that you are a part of a scene? Is it important to feel a part of a scene?
-Maybe we are. The media said we are “progressive” and who are we to disagree??? No jokes now, September Codes’ music is definitely progressive. Though, I don’t think it is important to belong to a
scene. What counts is to compose music that expresses you.

When you tour what kind of tours are you a part of? What kind of tours are the best to be a part of?
-We will tour for first time in Europe in 2013! We have never toured before and we are looking forward to it! Though I do not have such experience, maybe it’s better to tour with bands that have a similar sound direction. If a band tours with a big name of the same style, that would be great because of the bigger audiences! Please visit and be informed about touring details and other stuff!

What kind of expectations do you have on this new album? What do you want it to do for you?
-When I listen to “Remembering Mirrors”, I feel some kind of magic and believe me, it’s not only because I am involved within the album’s creation. I feel that magic because I understand how this
music that one will hear in this recording came to be. As an artist, I feel the distillation of the musical ideas that are performed, as a result of what the people/musicians where, are and perhaps mean to be. I mean as personalities who, by making music, communicate with others but mainly with themselves. In this case the expectation on this musical piece is to reach as many ears and mainly as many hearts as possible. I hope that this album will travel far around the world for I feel it’s worth it. I want “Remembering Mirrors” to make September Code part of the lives of many people!

How important is art work and album title these days? Do you feel that people still care if you come up with a really cool title and art work?
-The title is a matter of preview the band’s intentions. One can imagine from an album title what he is going to listen to. And yes, the artist must think of something smart and honest to use, no predictable titles will work because the fans really care. The same happens with the artwork. It is connected with the title, the music and the band’s image. A cool artwork adds to the musician’s work.

How has the digital download changed how art work is viewed, if at all?
This is just another “when I was younger” type of story. I remember me as a teenager, buying new CDs. To open the digipack or box set and to explore the artwork. I could memorize all the details about band members, who composed what, where the album was recorded, mixed, mastered, pictures and photos it was a kind of ceremony! As fans, we created deep connection between the music, the band’s image and the artwork. Nowadays one can download a bandâ??s discography in a few minutes. Today’s fan does not have to wait to have some money to buy a CD, he can have everything at once. As a result he has no emotional bonding to the item which we call artwork, or to the whole CD. Of course artwork remains important though.

How do you end up collaborating with big names? What do you think they got out of collaborating with you?
The members of September Code are musicians who played for many years in several musical works. We can say that as professionals we have a good reputation. That’s how we met with producers like Mark Adrian and Athanasios Alatas . Mr Ted Jensen listened to “Remembering Mirrors”? and liked that, so he accepted to do the mastering. And I should not forget Christianna of Elysion, whose voice you can hear in the title track! I believe that anyone who collaborates with September Code gets the opportunity to show his work through good music. Cooperative characters and consistent professionals, that’s what I hope they will answer to this question if you ask them about us!

What future is there for September Code?
-Through 2013 we will play some shows in Greece. After summer the band will tour in Europe. Plans for Japan may also come true. Meanwhile, we compose music for our next recording so there is future! Thank you so much for the interview! When struggling for answers within, take a look in the Mirror see you on tour!

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