Greek AFTERBLOOD might be so fresh that they don’t even have a record deal for their album but the stuff I’ve heard was of such a high standard that I couldn’t wait to interview them. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Give us a reason why you started AfterBlood? What intentions do you have with the band?
-AfterBlood is something I always wanted to do and I guess now the conditions were right. Cyan and I have been through various projects in the past, but with AfterBlood we actually found the sound that is closer to our core musical ideas.

Why would anybody want to mix death with black metal? Why not do one or the other?
-Why set limits to yourself and label your music in one way or another? Plus, I can’t really say that we mix death metal with black metal, it’s more like a modern thrash/heavy sound that meets death metal, but it has a lot of black metal elements too.

When mixing two styles what characteristics do you take from each style to make it AfterBlood?
-It’s not that when we compose music we are thinking so specifically, but if I had to somehow describe it like that I would say, death metal brutalism and aggression, thrash/heavy groove and black metal darkness.

Is it easier to shop for labels when you have a finished product to show for? What are you looking for before you sign on the dotted line?
-Well, it’s easier than having something unfinished like a demo of 4-5 songs or you lack good quality production. Other than that, we can only hope for a record deal that will help us move further and show what we can do in its full potential.

Have you set a deadline for how long it can take to find somebody to release the album before you do it yourself?
-Not really, our main goal right now is to work on our songs and start doing live shows.

How does the financial crisis in Greece affect being a band? Has rehearsal rent gone through the roof? Is cost for studio time unreachable?
The crisis here affects everything of course, but the good thing is that we have our own studio and among others, it saves the expenses of renting one.

Without a full line-up are you more of a studio band or do you intend to tour in support of the album once it is out?
-We have a full line-up now, we have recruited a permanent drummer and a second guitarist and of course we will not be a studio band, we would absolutely love to do live shows.

What kind of support tours can a band with only one album out and a not so well known name get on?
-It’s all about getting noticed at the proper time by the proper people and have faith in yourself; when all the aforementioned things come together, everything is possible even for a band in its early steps.

Playing a hybrid of death and black what kind of image do you want to portray? Anything you particularly want to emphasize?
We have a modern thrash metal sound, a death metal sound, a heavy metal sound and influences from black metal too. But the only hybrid I’d call us is one of aggression and darkness. The most important thing we want to emphasize is quality and create music that will pass the test of time.

How important is it for you guys to really make it? What can we expect from you in the future?
-In a sense we have already made it, we’ve given voice to our souls and created music that expresses us, plus we have a killer debut album, which was created through a process of working with some amazing figureheads of metal like Waldemar Sorychta, Tom Angelripper and Markus Freiwald and has received enthusiastic reactions so far. But of course this is only the beginning and you can expect to see a lot more in the future, find out more about us and listen to a couple of full tracks in our official website and keep up with our latest news on facebook and twitter:

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