OK so goth metal from Denmark might not be the most common thing but why should there not be a band of that sort coming from Denmark. AKOMA proves us all wrong. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

There seems to be an inflation in female fronted goth metal bands these days. How do you separate yourself from all the others??
Tanya :We are focused on being ourselves. What we do that others may not, is that we do not define us on one thing and we do what we think sounds good.
Morten: What I do as a composer, is to follow my heart. I usually have a good feeling about what will work or not.

What kind of influences do you draw from? Is there anything you try to avoid doing or does everything work??
Tanya: I’m very inspired by Kate Bush and Sharon den Adel, they are some of the singers I
listen to the most, and definitely different film music, which I think is good inspiration. I try to avoidhaving only a opera voice, I try to vary much between the styles to make it more exciting.
We have also decided not to use growl vocals, because it is such a big cliche by now. But the possibilities are endless, many things work but there is some things we avoid.
Morten: I draw from many things. Can’t say in particular what, and like Tanya, I enjoy filmscore music very much. Also middevil movies and series like ”Game of Throne” etc. inspires me.

Why is it that you only release EPs? Would it be that much more expensive to do a full album??
Morten: It is expensive. ”Lost Forest” was a promo, therefore there are only 3 numbers on it, the reason why ”The Other Side” only has 5 new tracks, is found in that we felt we needed to get them onto a disc to move on. We have worked on these songs for 5 years and needed to make a milestone before we started working on a full length, which we have already been in the process of writing since 2011

When you do stuff on your own how do you best promote it? How hard is it to get noticed in today’s over-crowded metal market??
Tanya : There is a lot of work into it and it’s hard to get through. We are using facebook a lot, and we get in fact constantly new likes, which we are very grateful for. Additionally, we send out to the most webzines and others. We have also used advertising space on facebook, and, we made our music available on iTunes, Spotify, Simfy, Google Play and so on.
Morten : We are also currently working on a music video, which I believe will give really good promotion for us.

What kind of scene is there for goth metal in Denmark? Is it all Volbeat wannabes nowadays??
Tanya: There is no Goth scene in Denmark, unfortunately. We are often joined with other genres that have a different style than ours. There is not a lot playing our genre here.
Morten: From what we know we should be the only female fronted symphonic band in this country!
Tanya: So we feel a bit alone here.

What kind of town is Silkeborg as far as metal goes? Can’t remember too many bands from that place??
Morten: Silkeborg is mostly thrash and death. 1 medium name and a few small underground bands. There has also been a metal festival, but the support base is not large enough for the hard music, but we do not quite feel like a part of the hard music, we only take elements from it and make them beautiful and soft.
Tanya: We have experienced many different types of people, both young and old to our concerts, they are drawn by the beauty, surrender to the heavy guitars and drums, as it balances each other so well.
Morten: Many bands are established outside Silkeborg, so members can easily come from here,- only Tanya and I come from Silkeborg.

How do you plan on taking things out of Denmark and onto a wider world scene??
Tanya: To get a record deal is probably the best chance to get properly out across the border. We sell Cds primarily to foreign countries and we feel that our fans are beyond the bounds already. Again facebook is an excellent tool to connect us with the world outside.

I seem to ask all Danish bands the same question but when I was young Denmark was the place to go to if you wanted the latest in metal. These days you seem to have slacked off. Why is that??
Morten: We can not say why, but we agree that things are a bit boring and single-minded and the scene is not the same as 5 years ago. It is like it peaked back in 2007, but we believe now that it’s moving again, we promise HAHA

I’ve always had the idea that Denmark had a liberal view on the Arts but lately it seems that that isn’t true. Have the Danish (metal) artists become lazy and complacent??
Tanya: I do not think they are careless and lazy. I think that it has become harder to be a metal musician in Denmark. We in Akoma do not feel much difference, but the diversity among people has decreased, and most of the population listens to TOP20 music.
Morten: Danes can be very conservative. But a new initiative, the W: O: A Battle, has made a recurrence that has given insufficient attention to the metal scene in Denmark.

What would you like to see 2012 bring to the band?
Morten: We have recently acquired Per as a 2nd guitarist, we thought we needed more power on the guitar, especially at the concerts. So we are looking forward to getting him properly into the songs. Additionally, as I said earlier, we have since 2011 been engaged in writing a full length record, that we would like to see released in 2013. And we hope to get out and play a lot of concerts, also a trip abroad and finally, we hope to meet more of our fans on facebook, it’s nice to put a face on the people who enjoy our music. Finally we would like to thank Battlehelm.com for the interview, and thanks to all the readers!

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