ALLTHENIKO is one of the stranger moniker that I’ve come upon. But you shouldn’t judge the band by its name. So give them a chance and they might end up your new fave. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I gotta say that your band name is one of the strangest I’ve come upon lately. What made you choose it?
-First of all I would like to thank you for the space offered to us and greetings to all Swedish readers, fans of metal music! Well, we’re aware that seeing for the first time the name Alltheniko doesn’t suggest a metal band and to tell the truth: it’s even a name that can be a little ugly haha! for sure … 10 years ago, when we started playing together we never imagined that the project would be so long-lasting, so we performed for the first time under the monicker Alltheniko, which is a play on words sounding like “Oldenico”, a small village near our town Vercelli (in the north-west of Italy), then we haven’t changed it because has become dear to us!

You are now on your 4th album. Do you feel that the bands evolutionary curve has been what you expected it to be? Have you come as far as you thought you would by album 4?
-We have worked relentlessly, recording four albums in five years, this is because we feel the need to continually develop new ideas and progress in an artistic and compositional sense, with this album we approached more to a purely communicative and emotional side, the most we can offer.we are conscious of having matured, but I think that a band should never be fully satisfied with what it has done previously, otherwise it would be inevitable for the evolutionary curve to stop, and I hope you share this thought so we are sure about,with no doubt, we’re able to give something more of ourselves to our beloved Heavy Metal!

What is it that makes you leave one label to sign with a new one? What are your feelings on the job that has been done for your previous albums?
-It was natural to test us and know that beyond the Italian borders, our musical proposal had actually been accepted. We now know, and we are satisfied with our choice, and with the good work done by Pure Steel records (our new label). Certainly we remain affectionate to all our previous work, as each of them photographs a particular moment of our lives, but without looking back and regretting for something more that maybe could have been done or not. For a band is much better to think about the present and the future!

How hard is it to find a style of metal that suits you? How do you pick your influences?
Our influences are mostly traditional European and overseas heavy metal, both “schools” have characteristics we adore, we mixed what we liked, we did it ours, and created something recognizable and well defined! In fact, many people think that, both on stage and in studio albums, Alltheniko sounds like Alltheniko, don’t look like any-one else and we are very proud of this!

What is the album title Back in 2066 all about? How much of a concept album is this new one?
-We decided to create a kind of “fil rouge” that connects all the songs in a single work (“Three Head Mutant Chronicles”), which tells the story of a three-headed mutant born from the fusion of three individuals (called D, L, J), by a mad scientist (Doctor Niko), all set in a not too distant future (2066).
lyrics, although are of pure fantasy, inevitably refer to issues in current society, and what it would happen in the future if you continue to persist in actions and bad choices.

What part does the art work play? How much time do you spend on thinking up the right kind of concept for the art work?
-As a band we take care of all aspects including album artwork, as well as audio and video production (… We are a Self-Made Band hehe!) So we think that the cover image fully reflects us. in this case the idea was born during the songs creation, while for the previous albums, covers were always made later.

How important is touring to Alltheniko? How do you go about getting on the right kind of tours?
-Live touring is at the end the real reason for which we exist! However, we don’t have a management behind and all we organize is mainly the result of our direct contact! but we feel lucky because in recent years we had great opportunities, and we knew really extraordinary people that let us move around Europe! Hem … I take this opportunity to invite Swedish organizers and promoters to contact us because We would be glad to play in Sweden and meet you personally!

How much promotion do you have to do yourself these days to not get lost in the competition from all new and hungry bands?
-We do not feel to fight with other bands, but we are following an independent course and rising slowly but steadily if the strength of our music lies in its simplicity, the message will be equally simple and we do not need other! Certainly the musical offering is varied and nearly endless today, in fact the promotional action of our new label has been of much help, but we also try to do our best to be present in all aspects of the release of a new album!

What ways are the best ways to keep the band’s name alive and present?
-Well, Alltheniko has the peculiarity of never having made changes in the line-up, and we are the same people who founded the band in 2002! So I do not know if it is worth for all bands what I will say: but for me union, respect and mutual trust as well as passion for music are the ingredients that make a band “stainless” in time, no doubt!

What future is there for Alltheniko?
-We’ll follow and support our “Back in 2066” for a while, we will do some live shows within our borders during winter season but we look forward to European summer festivals and open-airs.
Meanwhile, enjoy “Back in 2066”, listen to it on a real hi-fi (instead of on your computer) or in your car and let you carry away by dear old school!

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