All it takes is for you to say the words Italian, progressive and metal and I’ll be there. Which makes me so glad that ALTHEA came my way. Band member answering: Dario Bortot (Guitar, Synths, Keys). Anders Ekdahl ©2018

A band name says more than thousand words, or does it? How important is a band name to get people interested in your music?
-Tough question to begin with! I honestly don’t know, there are many bands with weird names that made the headlines, other with great names that are basically unknown, and everything in between! Of course, a good name and logo definitely helps, but what counts more should be the musical proposition, shouldn’t it?

When you finish a recording and then sit back and relax, what kind of feelings do you get? Are you glad it is finished? Does the anxiety grow, not knowing if everybody will like it?
-Unfortunately we don’t have the luxury to sit back and relax! Ahaha! But yeah, it’s always exciting to finish and album and waiting for feedbacks from fans and friends. I guess It’s more excitement than anxiety.

What is it like to be in a studio recording your music? What kind of feelings and thoughts race through your heads?
-Luckily, we have our studio, therefore we can focus on producing the best music we can without rush or particular stress,..

Today I get a feeling that the promotion of a band lands a lot on the bands themselves so how does one promote oneself the best possible way in order to reach as many as possible?
-Probably the best way to promote a band and its albums is…to go out and play as much as you can. Social media are also of course very important, but in the end, most of the fan base, at least in our case, is built through live gigs.

Today we have all these different sub-genres in metal. How important is that you can be tagged in one of these? Why isn’t metal enough as a tag?
-Probably because…most of the bands are not metal either!ahah. I mean, a lot of modern bands play pop music with tight drums and distorted guitars, but that was not the attitude that brought metal in this world! Then, of course, nowadays there are a lot of different types of hard music, which in certain cases are really far away from each other, so you need tags. In our case, we don’t consider ourselves a metal band – we are a rock band, with different influences, from metal, to psychedelic music, to electronic music, to pop.

What importance is there in being part of local/national/international scene? Does playing in a band make you feel like you are a part of something bigger? I know it does to me knowing that in some slight way I was a part of the Swedish death metal scene in the 90s.
-I hardly see cohesive scenes as the one in Sweden during the 90s…the market has shrunk, the number of bands has increased and honestly most of the bands are trying to survive by their own. It would be great to build a strong cohesive scene, and some bands are trying to do it, but it’s becoming more and more egoistic in my view. Which is a pity.

Ever since I first got into metal the art work has been a main motivator in buying a record. What part does art work for album covers play in the world of the band?
-To us, artworks are a very important part of an album release. They should represent the idea behind the record, as well as being artistic enough to attract a fan. I believe rock and metal have always been very “conceptual” and therefore artworks are very important. I’m also one of those person that discovered many great bands because I loved the album covers!

How important is having a label to back you up today when you can just release your music on any sort of platform online? With the ability to upload your music as soon as you’ve written it the freedom to create has become greater but are there any negative consequences to music being too readily available to fans now that every Tom, John and Harry can upload their stuff?
-This is a tough question. In theory, you don’t need a label, even tho the consequence is that there is more offering than demand on the market. But for people to take you seriously, apparently you still need one. Now, for the band itself, the point is how good the label is, how reliable it is, how good their distribution channel and relationship with media are…

What is a gig with you like? What kind of shows do you prefer to play?
-A gig with us should be lived like an emotional journey…We like to play in every show, in every environment. Our focus is bringing our music to as many people as we can.

What lies in the future?
-We have already started a warm up tour to promote the fortcoming album “The Art of Trees”, to be released in January. After the release we will start promotional activities and try to bring our music in as many places as we can.

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