I’m not a big fan of TV shows like American idol or X-factor. I think that this is the worst kind of shit you can watch but I seem to be alone in thinking that. Italian AMBRA MARIE show that there is a life after the cameras are shut down. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

I’ve never ever watched one single episode of any TV-programs like X-factor, American Idol or any similar shows. Why would anybody want to participate in a show like that?
-I don’t know how it works in other countries, but in Italy there aren’t many other chances to get visibility.

How tough is it to make a career once the TV cameras have been shut down? How hard is it to prove that you are an artist all on your own?
-I’ve been making music for a while now, even before joining the TV show and the difficulties are always huge, with or without video cameras.

What kind of competition did you have on X-factor? How drilled were you into choosing songs that would appeal to an audience but perhaps wasn?t your favourites?
-I was lucky on the first episodes because I got tracks of Pink Floyd and Patti Smith… When I was given tracks I didn’t like, I complained, but I had to sing them anyway. After all that’s the game.

What are your influences? What does your heart burn the most for?
-I love Guns ‘n Roses, Queen, Radiohead, Pearl Jam, Damien Rice, Muse, Police and Skunk Anansie.

From what I understand your album has been long in the making. Why has it taken so long for it to be released?
-Because after the TV show I had a contract with a Major label, that forced me to do a certain type of music, but that wasn’t me. I decided then to to go on on my own with the tracks I wrote with my band. From getting out of contracts to finding reliable, trustworthy and professional people who believed in the project it took time. Actually the album was basically ready for a long time.

Now that you are about to release an album is an international career what you aim for? How limiting does Italy feel like?
-What I wish for, besides an international career that everybody would obviously love, is to be able to play live with my band as much as possible to get my music out there. Yes, as I said before Italy is really limiting, there isn’t enough space, especially for rock music.

How much are you willing to sacrifice to make a career out of this? How much have you sacrificed so far?
-I sacrificed a lot in the past and I’m still ready to sacrifice things, except my artistic dignity.

Are you afraid that you’ll end up like Anouk and just burn for one summer? How do you plan on avoiding becoming a star for only 15 minutes?
-Regarding the “15 minutes”, I had mine 3 years ago when I was on the TV show, of course. But I think I am much more than that and I showed it in these 3 years of live shows around Italy with my band. Anyway, it wouldn’t be so bad to have a hit like “Nobody’s wife” in my career!!

Do you feel that having been on TV opens up doors or are people more suspicious of you actually being any good?
-What scares me are the closed heads that judge before listening. I don’t really care which channels we choose to get our project out, I am actually more interested in the project itself, making sure that we do what we choose and not what other people tell us to do.

What would you like for the future to bring to you?
-Lots of live shows, a second, third, fourth, fifth, etc….album!

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