Dutch An Autumn For Crippled Children have a new take on black metal that only bring forth a big grin on my face. Anders Ekdahl ©2011

From the moment I saw your band name I knew that your band had to be something different. How hard was it to come up with the name and what’s the significance of it?
-It’s a slightly altered song title from the UK band Ebony Lake. The atmosphere that radiates from the name is what spoke to us first. It’s also a standout name, people will hopefully be intrigued.

What kind of vision did you have for An Autumn For Crippled Children?
-We wanted to create something that we all liked, we wanted to revel in this feeling we had. We wanted to do a combination of nineties black metal mixed with early doom/death metal.

When you have a clear vision of what you want to do how hard it is to put that vision into reality?
– Creating music with us three was easy. It all worked out good.

Your music is often described as shoegazing black metal. How do you react to this description and what are your take on the music you play?
-We don’t see that, we come from a different angle. We are more into My Dying Bride than My Bloody valentine.

You seem to have penchant for short album titles. Your previous album was called “Lost”. Your new one is called “Everything”. Why such short album titles?
No special reason. In both cases they worked very good.

I was extremely impressed by “Everything”. How hard is it to come up with really good songs to fill an album worth of?
-Thank you. We worked pretty hard to compose good structured songs that have the right atmosphere. I think the songs came out pretty good.

How much control do you have over how the final product looks like and how important is it that it looks the right way?
-We have total control. And the way the final product looks is important. The sleeve should have a right atmosphere. The combination between the music and sleeve should be good.

How important is the portrayal of the band’s image to you and what measures do you take to make it happen?
-We try to remain anonymous, so we got all kinds of weird photos, none of them feature us. We really would like people to concentrate on the music.

Is An Autumn For Crippled Children a touring band? How does an AAFCC show look like? I imagine a lot of back lighting and shadowy figures on stage.
-No touring.

What potential do you see for AAFCC? How far will this journey take you?
-We really don’t know. Until now we are satisfied with what we have achieved.

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