ANDROMEDA is a Swedish progressive metal band but don’t let that put you off. This is a metal band for all of us who love metal, period. Martin Hedin (keyboards/production) was kind enough to answer my questions. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Being progressive doesn’t really say that much as everybody seems to have their own definition of what progressive is. How do you like to describe Andromeda to somebody new to the band?
-We play progressive metal. All kidding aside… I agree that ”progressive” doesn’t really say that much. So the best thing is probably to check our youtube channel out!

When you start a band I guess you have some sort of influence palette to draw from. Who was it that inspired you to start/form Andromeda?
-None in particular. We all have very different influences. Johan Reinholdz (guitar) and Thomas Lejon (drums) probably bring most of the ”metal” to the table. My strongest influences are bands like Genesis, Queen, Pink Floyd, Marillion etc.

I gotta say that when I saw the title of your new album I thought you’d changed style completely and gone thrash on me. How hard is it to come up with a good album title, something that will sell the album while not giving away too much?
-Of course that’s hard. But I think we managed to capture the essence of the album with ”Manifest Tyranny”.

Does being Swedish bring with it any good stuff when you enter the international scene? Do you feel you get that extra bit of attention because of where you come from?

Something that fascinates me is that despite the poor live scene in Sweden tons of new bands keep popping up under every stone turned. What is it about Sweden that gives life to so many bands?
-I think it’s directly connected to music education. We’ve had a very good system called ”kommunala musikskolan” for many years in Sweden. It made it possible for almost every kid to go learn an instrument of choice from the age of ten.

How hard is it to write a new album? When do you know to stop writing and start recording?
-I think it’s never easy making the kind of music we do. We really get into the details, you know. Usually the songs are completely written and arranged by the time we start recording, except for things like backing vocals etc. “Go Back to Sleep” was an exception, we only had the main parts of the song when we recorded drums. Then I edited the recording to fit the ideas as we progressed.

In choosing a studio, what do you look for? What kind of criteria does a studio have to live up to for it to be a pleasant experience?
-Well, we don’t have the money to choose a studio. We work in our own, borrowing stuff from friends and so on. This time the mix was done in Sunnanå Studios outside Malmö – only because Markus Nilsson, who did the mixing with me, works there. Not that glamorous, eh?

Once you’re done in the studio you have the arduous task of promoting the album. What ways are the best and most rewarding when it comes to promotion? Is performing on morning shows on TV good promotion?
-You tell me. Unfortunately we are just a bunch of confused musicians in the band. We are very good at making music but when it comes to promoting it we haven’t got a clue. It’s a good thing that we have a good label working for us now. The facebook-ads seem to pay off, but of course morning shows on TV might be even better. I wonder how many people are ready to take our stuff in the morning though!

What does the live scene look like for Andromeda? Are you a touring band? What kind of tours would you like to get onto?
-We’ve always wanted to tour a lot, but that hasn’t happened for some reason. With our new bass-player and label we feel stronger than ever, so right now we are trying to book a tour in the fall. Not confirmed yet. We are playing a few festivals this Spring, it’s going to be lots of fun!

How bad has it to be before you call it quits seeing as you guys have been at it for some time now?
-I think we will keep going for as long as we find it interesting working together. The music industry sucks, but we’ve known that all along. Nothing’s gonna stop us ’til the inner circle falls!

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