ANGELICAL TEARS might not come from the most exciting place in the States but don’t hold that against them. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I’m a bit of a word nerd. What is there to the combination of the words angelical and tears that make up your band name?
-The choice of name was actually quite arbitrary. When Glenn and Julia where discussing the possibility of starting a band, they wanted something that would fit the genre of music they were into and after various combinations settled on Angelical Tears.

Does the name have to be a sort of program declaration to the music you play or can the two be separated??
-Though the name wasn’t necessarily chosen as a symbolic statement, it does tend to reflect the nature of the music. Lyrics typically to focus on the difficulties of relationships. These are powerful emotions that everyone can relate to. So in that sense, the name does fit the music.

Oklahoma City doesn’t exactly scream goth metal capital of the world. What made you want to form a band of this sort?
-It was admiration for band such as Evanescence, Lacuna Coil and others that really lead to the formation of the band. As you have noted, this area doesn’t really have that sort of scene so we typically end up playing with a lot of heavier metal bands. Nevertheless, we have been able to gain respect from our heavier counterparts.

What kind of metal climate is there in Oklahoma? I imagine a lot of Pantera styled bands playing metalcore til their ears bleed.
-LOL! That is actually an accurate assumption not only for the metal climate in Oklahoma but really throughout the region. As far as we know, there really aren’t any like minded bands around the area. Playing at the Dame-Nation festival in Chicago, Illinois was really one of the first times we had played with anyone else remotely approaching our genre.

How hard is it to actually get something released on record, even in this day and age of “homemade” Technology?
-Honestly, it really isn’t that difficult – just takes time and money. Thanks to electronic distribution through services such as iTunes, Amazon, and others, it is quite easy to release an independent recording. Our first CD was actually recorded in the sound engineer’s home! Social media has made it possible to get exposure to a fan base outside of our market. In fact, some of our largest groups of fans are in parts of the world we have yet to play in.

What would make the perfect day for Angelical Tears in terms or promotion/record deal? What are you looking to do to enhance the following even more?
-Definitely increasing our exposure worldwide as well as domestically. Having a deal that allowed us to pursue music full time would be ideal! We are focusing our efforts on our current region and hope to gradually broaden that circle as time and resources permit. We have even talked often of trying to set up a tour through Europe.

When your are Americans playing goth metal do you look more to Europe for inspiration??
-Sure. The genre really was, by and large, a product of Europe. It is hearing groups such as Lacuna Coil, Within Temptation, and others which influenced the formation of the band. However, though taking direction from the pioneers of the genre, we are forging our own sound.

When you come from a place like Oklahoma City do you get a lot of opportunities to play with bigger bands, international as well as national?
-The past year was the first step towards that. We opened for bands such as punk rock legends The Misfits and the Japanese band Loudness. We have participated in larger festivals with a number of bigger bands outside of the state. We are definitely hoping for other opportunities to open for more well known acts over the coming year

What are your ambitions for the future?
-As mentioned, we hope to increase our fan base and gain more notice in the region as well as nationally. We think that the upcoming CD release will be a significant step forward towards this goal. We’d certainly like the opportunity to get onto a tour with a larger band and even make it into Europe. Finally, we want to be the best we can as musicians and continue to shape our sound into a voice that stands out from the crowd and resonates with the fans.
These have been some great questions and we thank you for the opportunity to let people know more about us!

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