ANGRENOST intrigued me enough to wanting to interview them. So here it is. Read and learn more about this band. Anders Ekdahl ©2014

Could you please give us a short introduction to band so that we know a bit about what we are dealing with?
-Angrenost was created back in 95 after I met Ainvar (Sirius/Storm Legion). The two of us joined forces under the same seal Angrenost. After many issues the band split apart staying in a coma for almost 12 years. We recorded our demo EP Evil back in 97 and split by the end of 98, just before recording Angrenost´s debut album. In 2010 I reactivated Angrenost without Ainvar but with two new members, Erdsaf and Enobólico from Wavelength Satan. We recently ink a worldwide deal with CODE666 for the release of our debut album Planet Muscaria, out September this year. Our sound is cold and alien, industrial violent Black Metal. In Planet Muscaria we explore the psychological depths of human psyche and the miserable side in human existence.

What was it that made you go with the name you have? What do you feel about it now that you’ve gotten accustomed to it?
-What? Pursan, you ask? Pursan in demonology is the name of a very important king in Hell´s hierarchy, one of the fallen angels. He has 22 legions under his command and he can tell all things present, past, and to come, knowing the secrets of Creation. A very powerfull entity wich represents the knowlegde within Darkness, an arquetype for purity on the black side of creation. I choosed this name long time ago due to personal reasons, and I still today feel conforttable with It.

What was it that made you want to play the style of metal that you play? Was there a specific moment/artist/album that spoke to you?
-Back then, the Black Metal wave coming from the North of Europe was like a massive Nuclear Bomb… very powerful stuff, and dangerous to. It was not just about music and, at least for me, the early and mid-90´s were the very first time in extreme metal where ideology and music became two indivisible parts of the same movement. There are many albums from that time that called my attention and inspired me totally. I cannot speak of a particular artist but most of the albums released between 91 and 96 still remain today as the BM albums that I regularly ear. Playing Black Metal was not a decision I consciously made, was and is just a natural thing, it resonates with what I am.

What is it that has defined your sound, what makes ANGRENOST sound like ANGRENOST?
-We play Black Metal, with or without sinths, with or without this or that, Angrenost is about BM. There are many things that make us sound unique but those subjects belong to other people to discuss. Angrenost plays pure BM, and hallucinogenic form of one, simple as that.

How do you as a band find your own sound? How much does environment play a part in how you sound? Is there a specific sound for your region/country pertaining to the style you play?
-We are simply satisfying our own needs without being influenced by exterior forces of any kind. An album is not a moment but a process, best is when the sound creates itself and translates the concept and ideology completely. Of course is very vague to put it this way, but just the artist who doesn´t follow any trends will be able to come out with something truthful and unique. In Planet Muscaria I was inspired by the surroundings of course, which resulted in a very alien and abstract soundscape. Geographical or physical environment have no influence over Angrenost since we are influenced by other means of inspiration, more in the psychological and ethereal environments of existence.

What ways has been the best for you in order to promote the band? What do you do to reach as many interested as possible? Is promoting the band important to you?
-Promotion is for labels. Angrenost is only concerned with creation aspects, just that. Personally, I think there´s nothing sadder than auto promote yourself, is almost ridicule to be honest. The best way to promote a BM band is from mouth to mouth, as it was in the past, not this industrialized production line we live nowadays. Even playing live is a shame… circus mode. I guess promotion is just an issue for those bands who seek money, fame or an empty ego, which in Black Metal sounds completely ridicule and entirely the opposite of what BM stands for. Is not the quantity of people but the way people look at your art that matters, but to be honest, I couldn´t care less about those kinds of questions. What I think about my art does not depend of what others think about it, if they are many or just a few even less. Has said before, all those subjects are important for labels not to real artists the way I see it.

How important is playing live today? Is there still a live scene to talk about? Do people still go to shows? To me it seems that it is all big tour packages or festivals that are left.
-I think I already shared with you about how I see Black Metal. BM is not entertaining music, maybe Pop Music or other kinds of metal may be, not BM. For me BM is a very misanthropic and occult form of expression… BM and society just do not mix, at least for me they don´t. Curiously or not, most of the albums I admire and listen to are from bands that never played live, so coincidently or not, maybe that simple fact explains a lot.

Is it important to have an album cover that grabs people’s attention? How do you get people to go from looking at the cover to actually listen to the album?
-Is important to have a cover that reflects what comes inside. Is important to strength the content inside but besides that, what defines a great cover? In Planet muscaria even the artwork was entirely made by us… few are the bands that can say that. What I mean by that is that in the creation of Planet Muscaria, from recording to finished product, not a single finger outside the band touched the album. Planet Muscaria reached CODE666 as it is. The Planet Muscaria cover, as all artwork, reflects entirely what comes inside the box, which is a very intense, abstract and dark trip through a dehumanized cold dimension. I don´t know if Angrenost´s cover caught or not the deserved attention from people is a damn gloomy and alien cover anyway, so…

What are your feelings on this development of digital replacing physical?
-I feel like an alien inside it. I don´t comprehend it. Feels like a different era to me. Music is treated like junk food… sucks. The smell of the old is gone.

What do would you like the see the future bring with it?
-No clue.

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