Swedish doom is a well known force to reckon with inside the charred walls of metal. Think Candlemass, Count Raven as well as Draconian and you get a pretty broad picture of what the Swedish melancholia can do to you. Anguish is another of these sad and mellow mindsets put to music. Being a Swede I have this inherent in my genes. I might seem odd to some Mediterranean European, but it makes me happy listening to sad music. The sadder, more doomier the better I feel. No, I’m not some sort of masochist. I am Swedish. So when I heard Anguish’s album “Through The Archdemon’s Head” it made me feel like I’d won a million on Lotto. This is so sad and heavy that I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven, or pretty close to heaven at least. I feel like I can carry the burden of the World on my shoulders so why not an interview with them. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Let us start with the standard question of why doom metal? What’s so special about it?
-You can put in much more feeling into doom metal than for example death metal.

How important is it to have a band name that fits the mood of the music?
-It’s for the listener, who after has read the band title, can predict what the music and lyrics are about.

When you write music do you have to weed out bits pieces that wouldn’t fit or does writing music for Anguish come as easy as your ABC?
-Not exactly like that, but we do pick out the best parts, but it is not very much parts that have been erased.

How much of an effortless chore was it to record the album? Do you enjoy the whole studio experience?
-It’s really boring when you have done all your parts, to just sit there and wait for all the other members to play their parts. But after all, I do enjoy being in the studio.

How do you distinguish yourself from all the other doom metal bands with an album out there trying to be heard?
-I don’t know how they do, but we trust in the label to do all the promotion, and Dark Descent are very good to promote our album.

What kind of world domination agenda have you mapped out now that the album is done?
-Now we are just waiting for Doomsday 21 december 2012.

Sweden’s been quite leading in doom ever since that first Candlemass album. Can you benefit from that when you try to expose the band to the international metal scene, in that being Swedish is synonymous with quality?
-I can’t say Swedish is synonymous with quality, just take a look at Trouble from Chicago, professional musicians who plays quality Doom Metal. Or Black Sabbath from Birmingham, which are the biggest Doom metal band in the world.

I guess every Swedish town with any sort of pride has a metal scene. Whats it like in your hometown?
-Mostly Death metal like Degial, Invidious, Reveal, Veternus, Graveless. And some thrash, like Die Hard. Then of course Watain. I think it is some glam/sleeze and other shitty bands here too.

Swedish towns are not exactly known for catering to the music fans with loads of places to play. What kind of live scene are you a part of?
-There are some small places where you can play, like clubs and so on. I’m not a part of it.

Are you the one to carry the banner of Swedish doom high now that Candlemass are on its swansong?
-Yes, but Anguish and Candlemass are not the only ones who plays Doomsday music in the cold north.

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