ANTI CIMEX is a band that you all should know of if you have the slightest interest in punk and metal. Answers from Charlie Anders Ekdahl ©2018

Do you feel that it went the way you intended when you formed back in the days?
-Don’t think we had a single thought what we wanted to achieve when we started the band. We just wanted to have fun and play some music together. Of course we had dreams about getting big, living on playing our music and that crap, but the intention was to just have fun. And that we had! What we didnt had in mind was death, addiction and psychoses. They came for free!

How do you feel about your latest release? Did it come out the way you expected it to?
-It is the same recordings we have released before and we used the old artwork so you could say it was exactly as we expected. But on the other hand we havnt relesed them on a proper label with some power behind them. Its exciting to see how they work.

How do you feel about the fact that ANTI CIMEX still is regarded as one of the most important bands for the whole crust Punk/metal scene?
-It makes me immensly proud! It proves that what we did as teenagers was the right thing, and not just a phase in our life. Thats more important than all the money in the world!

Is having a message in the lyrics important? What kind of topics did you deal with?
-I think it is quite important. Even though you like the music you would like to know that the band is at the same level that you are. That you share the same view of life and are going through similar things as you are. So, yes, they are quite important.
We started covering our fear of war and the conscription. Things we didnt like with the political system and stuff like that are quite obvious. But in the end we turned to more private matters. The feeling of being stuck in a life you wasnt satisfied with. The hard part of life, so to speak.

How important was the cover art work for you?
-The cover art is supposed to mirror the feeling that the music gives you. But we did the art when we were young and were still using it, so we must be quite pleased with it!

What was it like to be a touring band back in the days? What kind of scenes did you play?
-Touring was hard! We only did DIY tours, the few we did, and we were partying hard, harder than most bands. We didnt really cared about much, not even if we got paid or not. The most important thing was to get wasted and more wasted. Thats maybe one thing I regret about that time, the self destructive behaviour. But I was around 20 then and around 50 now so you could say I got wiser. Nowadays I love going on tour, seeing different locations and taste the culture of the places were visiting.

Today the competition is harder. You got plenty of digital platforms for new talent to display their music. Is this evolution a good thing or not?
-Definitely good. Yes, there are 2 billion bands out there, screaming their guts out, but now they can be heard. Back in the days only a few could. It might be harder to find the gems but it is also more rewarding when you do it!

How important is a national scene for a band to be able to break out and make it international?
-Well, its where you start your career so hopefully it can help you with getting gigs and find inspiration. But after that you dont really need it. The world today is so globalised so everything is like a big country. We are one world!

To me it seems that it is easy to cause controversy even today by just being a bit too outspoken. Have people become too easily offended today?
-It has always been easy, but maybe even easier today. But making controversy with style isnt that easy. Everyone can be an asshole but how fun is that, really? I like bands that cause their controversies more subtle and smart.

What does the future hold for you?
-As Anti Cimex we only have a documentary on its way.
Personally I have a one year old son that takes most of my time. And I have my four bands, who is till doing gigs and making records. Plus some projects going.
Jonsson is trying to get rid of his addictions and Cliff just had a liver treatment, so maybe he is gonna start up Driller Killer again!

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