APPARITION might be the most uncommon band name but this UK act is one of the better using that moniker. If goth metal tickles your fancy then keep reading. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Apparition isn’t an uncommon band name. How annoying is it that there are other bands named the same? Any funny mix ups that comes to mind?
-I know of other bands with the same name but I think they are from different countries and in different genres so it doesn’t bother me at all. We have never been in contact with each other so I presume it doesn’t bother them either.

What is there in the term goth really? What is goth and what is metal in your sound?
I wouldn’t say any part of our music is goth. I know goths like us and we respect who they are but we are more metal music with pop style melodies.

I think it is safe to say that the music term goth had its breakthrough in the early 80s British music scene. Do you draw any influences from that period of time?
-Not goth no, but I would say 2 songs on our new album were influenced by 80’s thrash because that is what our guitarist is into.

I’ve noticed that the Brits often romanticize times fled, both in TV-shows (Downton Abbey etc.) as well as in imagery. Was it better when Great Britain was a country with colonies?
-I think other countries like to see great Britain as it was which is a reason these shows are popular abroad. I guess in years gone by GB was a strong and important nation but now it has been caught up and overtaken by other countries.

How do you want people to view Apparition? Do you spend time thinking of the way you are perceived?
-I sometimes do as we have had so many line-up changes. People have left because of University or work related things. We are not a professional band and do not make a living from it so we have to do other things to make money so the band has to come second. To be honest I don’t think people $care who is in the band. Whoever plays gives 100% effort in a live show. The line-up we have for Belgium has 3 members who left and have now come back.

You’ve done a video that looks very elaborate and fancy. What channels are there to show things like that today, apart from Youtube?
-We only post on youtube to be honest as it’s the only important channel.

How much does it further a bands cause by using tools like Youtube, Myspace and Facebook? What sort of promotional tool is the social media really?
We don’t use Myspace at all now. It’s completely dead. It seems most people are on Facebook so we post news and music on there. If we are connected to a promoter we may post on their wall. I think Facebook ‘likes’ give a false reading on a bands popularity. Family and friends of a band ‘like’ them even though they will probably never see them live or even if they do get to buy the CD will never listen to it.

How much work do you have to put down yourself to promote the band? Does it ever feel like an uphill struggle to get people to just notice you?
.We are not desperate for fame and considering the problems we have had with lineup changes haven’t done so bad. We have shared the stage with some good and well known bands and we have received good reviews for these shows.

What is better; playing live or recording in a studio? How do you take what you’ve done in the studio to the stage without losing the initial feeling of the music?
-I enjoy both studio and live. In the studio we add more detail in the music because people are just hearing us. It is also good hearing a song develop from just an idea to a finished song. Playing live it is more stripped down and these details don’t matter so much as people are watching us too.

What can we expect from Apparition in the future?
-We release our new album called ‘For Vengeance…And for love’ in May on a new label called Metal Compass Records and we tour the UK with Cradle of Filth backing singer Sarah Jezebel Deva from the 16th May. Before that we play 3 other shows including Angels Rocks fest in Belgium and Powermad fest in the UK. Must not forget our first of the year in Stoke on Trent, these people from this city love their live music.

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