Whenever I’ve come upon a metal band from Peru it has been of the more extreme kind. AREA 7 is something different. Or not so different. A heavy metal band simply put. ©2015 Anders Ekdahl

Your album is called “1984”. What is so great about that specific year?
-This year is very emotional for the band because a great friend of us died in 2008, she was born al 1984 year, for that reason we put this name on the disc

Can you please tell us something about why you decided to start a thrash band?
-For us we play heavy rock, yes, we have lines of thrash and nu metal, inclusive of heavy metal, this is the music we like, we like the energy, the adrenaline, the distortion, the tempo of drums, definitly is the music for us

What is the climate for metal in your country? How is metal treated in your country?
-In our country the metal music and all rock music in general have a great fans, the metal scene dont have a support of press, or media but the fans are really great, they buy discs, merch, they go to a shows, they are incredible
The public of metal music in Peru its
No more big than another countries of latinamerica but is really powerfull

Does it matter today if you are from Sourh America, the US or Europe? Has the world become smaller when you want to reach out with your music?
-If you live in Perú it’s very difficult go to another countries with your music, but in this times the internet its our best gun, we play on Ecuador, our music sound in another countries just only for the internet.

How important is the cover art work today when more and more people download their music?
-It is very important for us , is the reflection of what the band is and what you want to convey , is an image that will stay forever , either virtual or physical , a cover , an art conveys what the band is

What ambitions do you have in making AREA7 a household name worldwide? How far have you come so far?
-What we want as a group is to be the best we can be and do the best we can do, we work on that for several years . We appreciate mails and messages that come from different countries both Latin America and beyond , that gives us a perspective that we are doing something right.

Do you play live a lot? What kind of live scene is there and how important is ir to play live?
For Area 7 is very important play in lives shows, feel the energy of the people is like fresh air jajajaj is our favorite part of having a band.
In Peru there are good and also very bad concerts, we try to stay with good to have good organization, good reception and an amazing public.
On stage we are like kids play with distortion, jumped, screamed, we have a lot of energy on stage.

If you could chose what would your most perfect touring parrners look like?
-Slipknot, Pantera, Alice In Chains, Metallica, Ozzy, jajaja.

What does the future hold for you?
-We care Keep Growing As a band , playing more in countries out side of Peru , compose new music and outdo ourselves.

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