I don’t know what is the hardest; coming up with a good band name or writing great songs. ARMONIGHT seem to have managed both. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

What is the hardest in finding a band name; the search or the fact that most band names are already taken?
-I think both, when we invented the name, we didn’t want it to be something already existing, so it wasn’t easy to create an original name…

It is one thing to think of forming a band and another to actually get the ball rolling. How did Armonight come together?
-It’s true. At the beginning the idea was to create a studio-project formed by the composer and a female voice. Then we decided to create a gigging band so we needed a complete line-up. We made a lot of advertisement and a careful selection to set-up the right line up.

When you started did you know from the first minute what kind of sound you wanted? How did you know that you’d found your sound?
The thing about we were sure from the beginning was that we didn’t want heavy and dark guitar sound, orchestral keyboard sound or a soprano female voice…Then we preferred to stay away from the female-symphonic-gothic current which today makes many bands similar to each other. Our sound then began to take its own shape and now we are proud of it.

When do you know that you are a part of a scene? Does it come automatically or do you have to go through some ceremony/invitation?
-No, no!! No ceremony or something like that! Everything we do is natural and spontaneous for us! We think we were born to do this job!

What is the toughest part of being a band on its way up? What kind of uphill struggles have you’ve been through?
-I think that the rise of a band never ends…Even the most famous bands have to be careful not to make false steps because the fans could turn their back in any moment. Talking about us, the hardest part was to find the right line-up and then make the best to stand out in the music scene and I think this will be our philosophy even for the future! These days the hardest thing is to find the money to organized more and more spectacular shows! Ahahah!

How important is it to keep true to your style of metal? How much outside of the box do you feel that you can paint?
-I hope not to disappoint anyone by saying that we don’t really care to keep up a particular style, Armonight is a band that acts on instinct. Of course we always make our best not to disappoint our fans’ expectation, however our albums will always be different from each other: so in one album there can be both dark songs and rock songs etc… In conclusion: we want to keep the faith just in ourselves and our sound and keep on ranging over during the composition… we want people to recognize us from the first notes of the album but we don’t want to bored the listener with songs that sounds all the same. It is a hard work but we think we’re doing it well! People like what we do so we will go on like this. There’s only one way to understand what we do: buy our albums and come to our gigs and you will not be disappointed!

What is the greatest pleasure of having a record done and out there for people to partake in?
-First of all I have to say that “Tales from the heart” is our second album, preceded by “Suffering and passion”. The realization of an album is like the realization of a dream or like achieving a goal: thinking that people will listen and appreciate it gives us a great satisfaction. This tell us that we are on the right track and that we are working well and this will gives us the strength to go on.

We hear about how bad the economy is and how bad the live scene is because of that. What chances are there for a minor band to play live?
-Like I said before, these days you have to find the means to get noticed. In our country, Italy, for example there are puzzling realities: nobody helps you, you have to pay to participate to big events, or you will always remain in the second row. The worst thing is that the merits are not recognized. Armonight is a band that never back down, we’re able to write and play good songs, we make many gigs without ceasing, our fans love us…so where are managers interested in this reality, investing money like Rod Smallwood did with Iron Maiden 30 years ago?!?

If you go on tour what does that give in terms of moving the band forward?
-I think making tour is very important for a band, it is the best way to be noticed by the public. This involves sacrifices, not only in terms of economic investment but also in practical terms: we have to stay away from our families and sleep rough, but it is the job we chose and we do it willingly.

What would you like the future to bring with it for Armonight?
-Well, since we started our career has been a constant rise, even if steps are short. We think the rise will never stop, hopefully with longer steps. We set ourselves the goal of selling millions of albums, playing in front of 500.000 people and enter into all the top ten of the world…until then we will never stop! Ahahahah!

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