Do you think that your life is hard? Try being a metal band in a totalitarian society. ARSAMES knows all about it. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

How do you get to know of metal in the first place in such a totalitarian society as the Iranian?
-I believe Metal music has no boundaries , no matter where you live , when you believe in something and you are a true believer you can do anything that is Impossible , about 30 years ago for the first time I discovered a Music Called Metal , in that time maybe few People knew what is Metal and for me it was something Holy and sounds Changed my life forever ! the story began when I listened to Rock Music Like BOSTON ,Deep Purple… few Month later when I found a guy who was a secret Cassette Seller I Started to buy Some New Records from Him he bought me some Cassettes That he didn’t know what is the name of bands ! he told me these are Modern Crazy HEAVY ROCK … lol , I started to Listen and I felt good !later I received a VHS video tape and I saw video Clips and live Concert of Motorhead , Iron maiden , Metallica , Venom…. and I found out about their name I kept listnening more and more and day by day I felt my heart and my soul are belong to this Holy Music Then I told myself you have to bring it on and the show must go on But you know it was really hard and pain in my ass to keep in this way! I remember I had Long hair and Cops Arrested me Cut My hair , I couldn’t wear short sleeve Black T shirts with simple logo On it ! But I had the passion you know ! finally in 2002 I formed my band

What kind of underground scene is there in Iran? How do you communicate your music other than through the net?
-I call it New Wave of Persian Metal music and it is absolutely underground it means bands just can Practice and Play in basement , no live Concert Metal Music is banned here .. a band like ARSAMES with good Experience and good Net Promotion Invited to other countries and played in some Famous Festivals along with bands like :Kreator, Arch enemy, Amon Amarth, Napalm Death …

What is it about death metal that is so fascinating that you start playing it?
-You know I think Death Metal Music is on the top Flour with More power and Energy in it ,
We think this Genre of Music is more Powerful and matches with what we are going to with ARSAMES

What is it about metal that the Government fears? Where in lies the danger to the Society in people listening to heavy metal?
-You can stay behind the red line just don’t talk about Politics Cuz it’s dangerous

Is heavy metal the only subversive music in Iran or are there other styles of music that too could be considered dangerous to the Society?
-Any Music that smells for subversive is dangerous

With modern technology it is easy to get info and hear music nowadays. How hard is the internet traffic monitored in Iran? Can you download whatever you like onto your personal computers?
-Of course it is not easy! We have to spend lots of money for High Speed Connections and when you wanna check ur facebook page it is Filtered by Government So you need to buy an Anti Filtter VPN for free Access to the net !

It must be a strange feeling seeing your music released on CD outside of your home country while not being able to promote it at home. How do you go about promoting the music worldwide from inside Iran?
-It is a bad feeling and disgusting indeed. Yes the only way is to promote from Internet
and when we play in other Countries.

I guess playing concerts are out of the question. What kind of punishment would you face if the police caught you being metalheads?
-To be a Metalhead is not Crime But showing Metal in appearance like Tattoo , Body piercing is not Accepted in Public

When you live in a society like the Iranian, how important does the music become as a tool of survival against everyday oppression?
I think Metal music is a very Important tool against all Tyrants in this World

When do you think you’ll see an easing of the laws/rules to allow you more freedom? Even the Saudi women will soon be allowed to vote and hold public positions. How long do you think you’ll be able to keep going with Arsames before it becomes too burdensome?
-It is not near but we are living for bright future no matter when it happen, we love Metal music so we have to Move like Flood till the last drop of our Blood

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