ASHES TO ASHES is yet another new band to discover. There seem to be an abundance of them out there making in nay impossible to tell the good ones from the bad ones but this lot deserves your attention. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

I want to ask about the name. Where did you find the idea to combine the words ASHES TO ASHES and what does it mean? What has its meaning become to you now?
-The band chose the name Ashes To Ashes, from the song by David Bowie. The repetition of the word ”ashes” twice manifests the most important concept brought by the band: the dualism.

Do you feel that you have found your niche in the world of metal? Can we talk about a distinct ASHES TO ASHES sound?
-We think that the band, through the first 2 years, definitely caught a peculiar sound made up by the fusion of the members’ styles (we all come from different music realities). Then for sure Marta’s alternation of clean voice and heavy growls well expresses what is our metal proposal.

You have a new album to promote. How does this new album differ/fit in with the rest of your catalogue
-This is our first album and it perfectly fits our primal style. We have to say that we are already composing new stuff that actually mix our different styles in a more mature and consistent way.

Does it become easier with time to write songs or is it a much more difficult process in that you don’t want to repeat what you’ve already done?
-Composition is both funny and difficult. We usually start from guitar riffs or arpeggios and then try to elaborate them in a song. I’d say that song-writing it has become easier with time because we have better known each other and this has helped us so much in defining our style. We haven’t focused yet on the try of not “copying ourselves” cause we’re still full of new ideas. 

Is promoting the band becoming an easier task as you release new albums or do you feel that you still have to educate people as to who and what ASHES TO ASHES is?
-Surely there’s a lot to do. We are still at the first album, people just begun to know “ATA’s brand”. We obviously have to say that we got many positive feedback. We have had many opportunities, we have played on interesting stages with many bands and so on. But the best is yet to come.

When you record an album do you want to work with the same people all the time or do you constantly look for people to help improve you?
-Having recorded only one album, we can only say that Anthony Lopardo and Ray Marte (our producers for “Borderline”) are two of the most talented people we have ever met on our road, so it has been awesome to work with them.

How important is still the way that the band looks on photos and on stage?
-We should say that music is the only important thing… But the reality is that by now it is fundamental to be good-looking and have a peculiar image. So we try to keep fans updated with new photos, images and videos.

When you play live what kind of places do you wish to/ do you play that aren’t typical to your touring agenda?
-We’d like one day to play on bigger stages and interesting festivals. We are working hard to make it happen in 2014. We hope we will do it!

Would you say that ASHES TO ASHES has fulfilled all your dreams?
-We are very very proud and satisfied of what we have been able to do in only 3 years of work. We’d say that the machine has been turned on, but there’s still much to fill.

What future is there?
-In the future there are definitely a tour, some music videos, and for sure the second album on which we’re already working hard. We hope to reach many goals and we really believe in our project. We try to make it more concrete, day by day, putting all our efforts on it.

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