AT DUSK is a one man operation. Thus not too hard figuring out what style of music you can expect. But with so many great one man/person combos from the past there is nothing to fear from this either, or is there? Anders Ekdahl ©2016

The name.
-The name for At Dusk was devised when I was merely a teenager, in a religious household, beginning to create these dark recordings in secret. In truth, I was inspired by the title of Emperor’s album “Anthems to the Welkins at Dusk,” a favorite at the time as I was only just initiating myself to the world of black metal. I was intrigued with the idea of a final dusk – dusk as an absolute end of times. I’m not here to bend your ear with flowery aphorisms of death and rebirth, the end as a new beginning: I believe that the dusk of civilization and, perhaps, all life on this planet is likely soon at hand. By our own hands, industrial society is in the process of committing mass suicide. As such, conscious beings, rational observers to the goings-on in this universe, may soon cease to exist. And in the absence of minds to perceive it, does that universe continue to exist?

The band.
-At Dusk is the sole endeavor of one person. That is myself. It began, as I mentioned, in secret over a decade ago and will likely continue to exist in one form or another for so long as I draw breath. The first official release was unveiled in 2010. For a time, a live band performed these songs. One United States tour was undertaken in 2012. The live band disbanded in 2014. At Dusk is, most concisely, a cathartic channel for my own depression in the face of a fallen world.

The influences
-I am most frequently influenced by reveries in nature. Wild beauty has the power to simultaneously exalt the soul and hang it heavy in sorrow. Authors such as John Keats, William Percy Shelley, Hesiod, Ovid, Feral Faun, Derrick Jensen, and John Zerzan are also a fertile source of inspiration. Musically, I will often attach strongly to the mood of a particular song (or part of a song), rather than specific “riffs,” so if there is anything I am emulating, it is atmosphere and not any aspect of composition in particular. Earlier on, Burzum, Leviathan/Lurker of Chalice, and Xasthur frequently colored my perspective. Later, I found more ambient work such as Fauna, Velvet Caccoon, and Make a Change…Kill Yourself just as fecund.

The fans
-The short answer is yes. I take pleasure in receiving contact from souls like yourself, who share in the power of this musick from a variety of backgrounds all around the world. It speaks to the dark truths that live, alike, in so many of us. I am often humbled and surprised to hear from fans, distros, and labelheads who have found something powerful and relatable in the things I have created. Certainly, black metal and dark / heavy music exist as a worldwide movement, and an important one.

The image
-I have attempted to keep imagery to a minimum. The music should speak for itself. A few occasions have required “promo shots” of myself. My face is never visible in such things.

The lyrics
-My lyrics are influenced by the aforementioned authors and bands. Of late, the Elizabethan Sonnet form has proved to be of great utility for conveying my ideas with a particular feeling. The lyrics go hand-in-hand with the music, and are just as important.

The debate
-Digital is not “killing the album” for those who care about albums. Those who care will either purchase a piece of vinyl and listen to it all the way through or download an entire album and do the same thing. Those who do not care will enjoy a sliver of a wonderful album as part of a free streaming playlist and so much the better: they are not the ones for whom album-oriented music is written. The enjoyment of music is a subjective experience; let them do as they will.

The platforms
-24/96 digital is a demonstrably superior format to every other in terms of audio quality, replayability, cost, and physical storage space. Cassettes and vinyl are fun to have around if you enjoy looking at visual art. I think these things will continue to coexist as they have for years already. Most collectors I know would rather listen to digital copies of their expensive albums than actually play them and degrade them in the process; it hasn’t stopped them from purchasing physical formats.

The stage
-At Dusk toured only once. Additionally, the band played many local shows and travelled to surrounding areas such as Santa Barbara, Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc. while it was still active as a live entity. We made a great effort to enhance the visual and atmospheric aspects of performance with face paint, candles, incense, animal skulls, etc. Fairly normal for a black metal band, so far as I know. We never had a performance that wasn’t well-received by those in attendance.

The future
-Perhaps someday At Dusk may return as a live entity. There are more solo releases currently in the works. All I know for certain is that this flame will not be extinguished until my death.

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