ATTEMPTED LIFE might not be your typical Finnish metal band but they have enough going for them to make them interested enough to interview. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

How would you like to introduce the band to somebody like me that is new to the band?
-Attempted Life is a trio that plays heavy music free of limitations. For us as a band it is important to stand out from the swarm of new metal bands by living up to the sound and themes of our songs. If we sing about something, we are out there doing similar things. Metal bands these days lack balls. We are not doing this to be cool. We are doing this cause we must.

The first time I heard you album I came to think of Umeå?s Refused. How much hardcore and how much metal are you guys really?
-Hmmm… Not too familiar with refused. Our guitarist Patrik is more a hardcore listener. We write the songs together so some of that vibe may come from him. We are not a scene band however. Everyone can label us how they wish.

Is the style of music that you play big in Finland? To my ears you sound like an outsider.
-Yeah, I don’t feel that there’s an exact same sounding band in Finland. Finland has scenes like hardcore, emocore or more “classical” metal like Children Of Bodom. We hope to create something fresh and unique. And we hope to be an outsider, sort of. The dirty beat-up wolf lurking in the shadows ready to mangle the satisfied lion.

I know that there used to be a great Finnish hardcore scene in the 80s and that the metal scene is pretty good today. What does that heritage mean to a band?
-Not that much. Of course it is better to bounce from a country that has already some international reputation music wise than it would be to appear from Azerbaijan

If you could dream, what would be the ideal tour for ATTEMPTED LIFE to be on?
-With a hungry newer kick ass band. Something fresh that can pull a pumped up crowd to have fun. Best thing would be a tour with a Finnish band called Nothing More To Eat. The tour would consist of the following countries: Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Japan and UK. Yeah.

Where do you see your greatest potential for breaking it as a band?
-To do our own thing with 100%. Write modern classics, shoot sick videos and play spectacular live-shows. And a bit of luck wouldn’t hurt either.

What kind of reception do you get in Finland for the type of music that you play? How do you fit in with all the rest of the Finnish metal bands?
-In Finland there’s currently a legion of bands, most being rather insignificant naturally, so it is very hard to get noticed. I still think that the thing we are doing will be unique and get the attention it deserves in the future.

What does it mean to have an album out? Does it open up doors that were closed before? What do you think you get out of having an album out?
-Well, we have an EP out called “Pangaea”. We had previously recorded five songs to see how our music sounds in the studio. The content was good enough for us to be released. So we still have our “first album cherry” to pop.

What are your feelings towards the album? Is it something that you feel like you can live with for the rest of time?
-For me this is the most important piece of music so far. Hopefully our sound and music will develop but right now our Pangaea EP is the motherfucking shit son!

What will 2013 bring to the band?
-The recordings of our debut album and possibly a release of a debut album as well. We will also hit the studio next weekend to record a new song and a cover. We try to play as many gigs as possible too. And shoot new videos too. Yeah.

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