Some let the music do all the talking while others don’t seem to know when to stop talking. AUROCH are of the first. Interview questions answered by – Seb Montesi – vocals / guitar. Anders Ekdahl c2012

You guys have a new album coming. What can we expect from this album?
-I wouldn’t ‘expect’ anything, if I were you. I hope we’ve created something unexpected and surprising.

How do you avoid repeating yourself when you record a new album?
Well, seeing as how this is our first record, and is drastically different than our demos, its not really a risk.

When you decide on a name for the album what is it that you look for?
-You need something that punches out and is catchy and memorable, but reflective on the values and mantras found within the work…

Something I often wonder about is how important the track order is. Do you think much about how you place the songs?
-Great question. This was actually an area of massive debate as we are all very stubborn people. We would argue back and forth, without resolution, on the proper oder for weeks, but we eventually came to see that there was a much more natural order sitting right in front of us that we could not really deny.

When you record a new album do you have a check list of things that you want to make better from the last time?
-Not in tems of song writing, no.

Where do you want to take the band with this new album? What would be considered a success and a failure?
-Many bigger plans have already been set in to motion fom what little publicity we’ve already received pre-release. This is already a huge success. Failure is not ever something that crosses our minds.

When you have a couple of albums behind you do you notice that more doors open up for you? That you are not considered new and wet behind the ears? Do you get more respect?
-I will make sure to let you know as soon as we have a couple of albums behind us, haha.

You guys seem to play/tour North America/Canada often. Do you see an increase in interest in places you re-visit?
-Definitely the goal right now is to leave Canada and play outside these walls, but yes, it is always pleasing to see more infected each time one revisits a locale!

How do you avoid boring the fans by constantly playing the same places? How do you take it one step further?
-A good question. So many terrible bands here in Vancouver seem content with playing the same pub every other week for the same 30 people. This is definitely something we avoid. One must be prolific enough, but retain an element of exclusivity.

What would you like to see happen to Auroch in the future?
-On a smaller time-span: I want this album to reach the intended ears. In the grand scheme of things: fucking world domination.

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