I like finding new metal bands to entertain me. Canadian Auroch did that enough for me to want to interview them. The interview was answered by Sebastian Montesi – Guitars. Anders Ekdahl ©2011

Auroch is a new acquaintance to me. What made you want to form a death metal band? What are your greatest influences?
-We formed in late 2008 from the ashes of other underground acts in Vancouver. The style of metal we play is a melding of many influences. Musically, we are inspiried by the classics, like Death, Morbid Angel and Carcass, classical music such as Philip Glass, Edwards Mcdowell, and Canadian legends like Gorguts, Cryptopsy, Blasphemy and Conqueror.
-Conceptually we are driven largely by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, and both European and middle eastern occult tradition.

I’ve googled the word Auroch and found out that it’s an ancient breed of cattle. That is to me a very strange name for a band. What made you choose this word for a band name?
-Yes, indeed the Auroch is an ancient bull. Its significance in the ancient world spans many cultures and traditions. From gracing Ishtars gate, to Norse runes, to the Roman rite of Tauromachy, the symbol of Auroch has remained through history, guiding the uninitiated towards higher wisdom.

“Stranger Aeons” is self-released. How do you finance a project like that and what limitations does it bring with it doing it yourself?
-It was a hard task, but sold quite well while touring last year in support of it. It was a limited run however, so printing more copies will have to be done soon. We are currently finishing our second record and are preparing to unleash it. Clearly, only so much money is available when doing it one self, so with this next record we hope to secure a label to handle the distribution of it.

Besides being a rather good song by Entombed what significance is there to the title “Stranger Aeons”?
It is paraphrased from the American author H.P. Lovecraft. It refers to a time when the Ancient One shall rise.

With a limited budget how do you find a suitable studio nearby that you know will get you the sound you want? Or is recording on home equipment and sending away for the mixing the only alternative?
-We are currently recording our second record at Nimbus studio in Vancouver. Both Zack and Cuillen are in training to be audio engineers, so we are taking available time in the hellish hours of night to record this record, which is proving to be fruitful despite the constant lack of sleep.

Taking time off from work to go on a small national tour, is it worth it with all the hassle of driving across the country in a small van?
-Absolutely, we have a killer campaign coming up with appearances on some really great festivals, including 1 in B.C. with 3 Inches of Blood and another in Toronto with the mighty Morbosidad.

I’m a Swedish metalhead doing an interview with a Canadian death metal band for an American webzine. Oh the wonders of internet. Do you ever feel like the personal side of interacting with other people gets lost communicating through internet?
-A good question. Sometimes, but the internet does more good for people in our position than detriment. It has allowed a Swedish fan, such as yourself, to reach out and contact us, which we greatly appreciate. Hails to Sweden! Clearly meeting people in person and sharing a beer is the best, though.

In your experience what is the best way to promote your band in order to gain maximum result?
-We’ve utilized all methods at our disposal, and continue to find new ways. Through internet promotion, driving on tour, flying to Toronto, connecting with new people and sending our music abroad we’ve started to build a substantial global fan base.

To me living in Sweden it isn’t enough to just focus on Swedish metal bands. I want to know about all the Worlds metal bands. Being a rather successful metal band in Germany you could survive never leaving the country. Do you as a Canadian band feel limitations being from Canada?
Here in Canada, and Vancouver specifically, there is a great scene; no complaints. However, it simply is not enough to stay stationary. We crave to bring our metal to people all over the world and look forward to soon playing for German and Swedish fans. We feel the same way as you, it is not enough to just focus on Canada!

Do you foresee a great future for Auroch and what should that future contain?
-Absolutely, our standard of metal can be held up to any, anywhere and we look forward to a global invasion. We just announced a killer show here in November and have so much more on the go. Keep your eyes peeled for the second record, we’re looking to do something different here and honour the Ancients.

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