I came upon this band by chance but found them to be intriguing enough for me to wanting to interview them. AVANT-GARDENER interviews by Anders Ekdahl ©2013.

Just to get things started could you give us a short introduction into the band?
-The band born in the distant 2002, when still we were little boys with the hard dicks, and it was formed only from three members; we called us “The Mants” and our maximum aspiration was to make songs of one of 26 minutes length . After a couple of years we have decided to widen our views adding a second guitarist that has left each other more than one year ago to devote to its mathematical studies. His influence was very important for the sound of the group that went toward the melody and other strange things. We are now here.

How much thought went into finding the right band name?
-“Yes, shit! It’s fuckin’ good!” then we have restarted to play. Our old guitarist has made a sketch for a logo, that then such it has remained. The legend says that someone, inside the group, has a tattoo with that logo.

What is the meaning of the band name? How important is the band name really?
-The meaning of the band name is linked to a character very dear to us: a man with a head shaped like a leaf, which represents our desire to create themes and music a bit ‘outside the rules and ironic. this character can be seen in all our graphics, we love him very much.?the name of the band is very dear to us, it is so long that has been chosen and we are very pleased that the audience will remember our name, most likely because it plays with the ironic and attractive graphics of our work.

How pleasing is it to finally see what you worked on a long time being released? What do you expect your new record to do for you? What has it already done for you?
-Oh, it’s a great pleasure! We’ve spent a lot of time\money\energy, but in the end it was done and all sounded good (even thou there is always something you wanted do better). Making the new record give us also a lot of fun, but we hope to have the opportunity to get known by all the people crazy and stupid like us, and get them a lot of fun too!

How important is the art work and the presentation of the album today with the whole digital downloading going on?
-An artist should know how to best present his artwork to make a favorable impression. Art is a visual medium, and it is important present your work in an aesthetically pleasing and professional manner.

What are your thoughts on digital downloading? Is it the end of music?
-Digital downloading is a good way to share your music around the world. We don’t think our work as a business, and it is a pleasure for us to have people in other countries to enjoy what we have done.

How hard is it to find a label to work with that you trust? What made you go with Moonlight?
-It was not easy to find a label that could support producing our records and finding us concerts, the early days were very difficult. We played almost anywhere, often in conditions not quite favorable for us, often adapting to an audience almost always different. We’ve been playing together since 2003, and only a few years we have found a label we trust, so it was very difficult to find someone who believed in us and our music. Moonlight immediately made us feel at the same time within a group of friends and in a professional environment, proposing dates and giving more confidence every time we proposed a new job. These two aspects are very important and are highly interconnected.

How hard is it to hand over the control of something you’ve created to people that you don’t know i.e. the fans?
-Sometimes is not so easy, but we noticed that the fans appreciate our grit, our ironies and bizarre excesses. But maybe they are only crazy like us!

What kind of reactions have you had so far on your latest recorded work?
-We received good reactions to our latest work. Other than our own satisfaction, the audience enjoyed the songs live and from cd. Were much appreciated too graphic, reflecting our very way of composing, highly ironic and not exactly conventional. The reviews we received were good average, although we noticed that the album had to be understood without trying to find many similarities with some bands that had nothing to do with us at all.

What future would you like to see for the band?
-Many more concerts, much more development and a better live experience to offer. We are happy for what we have done so far, but we still have so much to say!

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