Italy’s Awaken Demons don’t want to be called metalcore. I totally understand that. With a great Italian hardcore history there’s no need to look elsewhere for genre definition. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I am not ashamed to admit that I don’t get this new wave of metalcore. What is metalcore to you guys? What is there in the term metalcore?
NICK: I understand your point, we define us a hardcore band even if our sound is metallic hardcore. I don’t like the new metalcore style of music at all. Most of these new American bands suck live so I prefer hardcore cause is more genuine

In the 80s there was a great Italian hardcore scene. How much of that scene do you take influences from? What part of the metal scene do you find inspiring?
NICK: the Italian scene is the 80s/90s was great! is hard to explain but our influences from that era is the connection with people. I remember that everyone was friendly, shows were cheap, hardcore bands used to play in small venues while now they charge 20€- for a ticket. Metal is influences us musically of course, bands like Pantera, Sepultura and Slayer are very important for us.

Is there a difference between the European and American take on metalcore? How much does geographic difference play in how you sound?
NICK: Europe is more hardcore/beatdown while is America bands like miss may, we came as Romans or whatever are more famous than in Europe. I guess we are more focus in the old school sound but it depends I guess. America is bigger than Europe so some bands get more attention there
instead of Europe

How important is it to you that the lyrics tell a story or at least has something to say? What kind of topics are the most popular to write about?
NICK: lyrics for us are very important. It doesn’t matter if talks about
broken heart or this shitty society. The lyrics needs to be real, so people can feel it. That’s all…an hardcore bands needs to have strong lyrics. our lyrics tell a story or at least we try to tell it. sometimes might sound sweet and sometime might be very angry. it depends.

What kind of a scene are you part of when you play metalcore? How divided is the metal and hardcore crowds today?
NICK: when we play, fortunately, we have hardcore kids enjoying us. Mosh, stage diving etc etc that’s part of our music and we need it. the metal crowd is colder in my opinion cause people is more standing and headbanging while we prefer people moving their asses 🙂 anyway everyone is welcome!!

When you do a cover like the one you did for Ini Kamozose’s “Here comes the Hot-stepper” what was it that attracted you to that song? What did you bring to it to make it your own?
NICK: just cause it was a hip-hop 90s hit man!!! Amazing song, we thought it’d fit great with our music, and we did it!

When you make video today with what intentions do you do so? What channels are there to get it shown?
NICK: Most videos are on Youtube only if you have the right connections your video can be shown on mtv, scuzz and other channels like that.

One thing that I like about hardcore is that the bass takes up a larger part of the sound picture. How do you guys make sure that you utilize the most of each instrument in your sound picture?
NICK: we keep it simple, if it doesn’t sounds like a punch in the face, we don’t like it! so, we make sure that the bass lines are strong, the guitar riffs are very hard, the drums is powerful and voice is very pissed.

Are there any limitations to being a four-piece in playing metalcore? How does it work in a live environment?
NICK: a second guitar would be cool but we keep it 4 cause we always been in 4 since 2009 and we are cool with that. Maybe in the future we’ll add a 5th member if we find the right person.

What plans do you have for the future?
NICK: Writing new music and playing as much shows as possible

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