Brazilian metal rules. Period. If you got any arguments against please read this interview and give AXECUTER a listen. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Would you say that traditional metal has made a comeback or is it more that it has always been there but people have just come back to it now?
-I say yes to both, traditional metal has always been there, and people are looking for it again. Maybe people are getting tired of modern crappy music, and want something really good, with consistency. If you want good music, you must look it in the past, no other way.

How important is it to have a band name that literally screams heavy metal? How hard was it to come up with your moniker?
-It´s very important for us ´cause we wanted a band name which is simple and strong enough, with a typical metal atmosphere. As you may have noticed, Axecuter is a pun, a mix between the words “axe” and “executer”, it means a man who kills using an axe. This is not the best band name in the world but it´s ok, sounds good. About our monikers, they are somewhat “original”, we didn´t want anything obvious and predictable such as “destructor” or “tormentor”. It´s impossible to do something 100% new today, but if we can at least have our own identity, will be enough for us.

You’ve just released your debut album. Why did it take so long before that happened?
-Lots of reasons. Firstly, because we wanted to do it the best way, and sometimes you need time to get the best results. When you´re on studio, every little detail requires full attention, to avoid mistakes. Besides that, every member of the band has a regular job, girlfriends, so were “forced” to be in the studio only at weekends or vacant times. We had some discussions as well, during the recording process, then our former bassist left the band. Our label had some little problems as well, but at the end all was solved nicely. We did a great job, band, sound engineer and label, real tag team. We´re very proud of it!

What kind of reactions have you had to your previous released stuff?
-There are lot of people praising our cassete-EP and our 7’EP, so the reaction is being really good in general. Some guys say it´s cool to see a not “extreme” band as ours emerging from Brazil, which is very common here.

How pleased are you with the new album? What do you expect it to do for the band?
-We are immensely satisfied with it, we did our best. The sound production, the cover, the pictures, the whole concept is really well done. We expect to increase our amount of fans, within the underground context of course, and who knows, to play outside Brazil. It would be great, if possible.

I like the cover even though I at first thought it was a flyer. How important is the album art work to a heavy metal band? What do you want the cover to say?
-Music is the most important factor, but a good cover always helps to reach your goals. Mostly times a good cover excites the curiosity of someone, and people may want to hear your music. If a cover is not attractive, people may not have interest. But this is relative, what is good for one may be bad for others, and vice versa. With our cover, we want to say that old heavy metal is bigger and stronger than any trend, momentary fashion or money amount, if you believe it.

To me Brazil and the rest of South America is more about extreme metal than pure heavy metal. Why have we seen so few pure heavy metal bands making it out of Brazil/SA? Clearly there is a huge scene for it.
You are absolutely right. South America is more into extreme metal than traditional heavy metal, that´s the truth. Very complicated to explain but, in a general mood, South Americans are more “aggressive” and “instinctive”, used to daily violence, corruption, lacking of many things, all that third world thing. So, for some people, extreme metal is a perfect way to unburden bad feelings. Traditional metal fits better to the northern hemisphere, cold weathered countries, etc. How could we write songs such as “Crusader” or “Blood Of My Enemies” living in a country without wars, with beautiful beaches, hot weather, good food, no battles, etc? No way.

Do you feel that you are a long way from where the action is or has the internet helped you getting closer to the action?
-Yes, we think we´re bloody far away from where old metal really happens. In our opinion, the best place for old metal today is Germany, with some good festivals such as Keep It True, Headbangers Open Air, etc. There is a huge and fanatic demand for it. Of course there are old school fanatics here as well, but not the same thing. Internet helped us a lot of course, but I think it would be much better if we were a German band, or at least European. We´d have much more opportunities and visibility.

How important is playing live to help a band’s name grow? What kind of live gigs are we talking about for a band like AXECUTER?
-See…to play live is very important to make the band´s name grow, but it must be done the right way. Of course we want to spread Axecuter´s name and be more known, but always within´ the walls of the underground 80s metal community, to those who understand this spirit and lives by that, that´s our statement. If something becomes too popular, it starts to be hackneyed. Quality of fans is more important than quantity of fans, that´s our point. About gigs, we like to be as close as possible to the crowd, very intense energy trading. We prefer small places instead big stages, where you´re far from your fans and friends.

What future do you see for the band?
-Future? Well, we don´t think a lot about it… but if we have enough inspiration to write more strong songs and release more albums, we´ll do it. Live gigs? Yes as well, when we can. We do it only for the metal spirit itself, personal passion and satisfaction, not for the “industry” thing. We are naive dreamers, and have no hurry.

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