I hereby present to you a band that I didn’t knew excisted until their latest record dropped in on me. So read all about AZRATH XI. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

AZRARTH XI are new to me so could you please introduce the band to me and the rest of the world?
Asmodevs D.D. :Hello to Battle Helm Zine! This is Asmodevs D.D. drummer and forming member ov Azrath-11. First ov all thanx for the chance given to be present on your pages! I’ve setted up the band back in 2007 after many unsatisfing situations in order to create a kind ov sound more close to my personal vision ov things. Azrath-11 ( or Azrath-XI as you prefer) since the beginning wanted to combine the dark atmospheres ov black metal with the aggressive ferocity ov death metal with a melodic and avant-garde touch. Actually we released two albums: The Shrine Ov All Hallucinations in 2011 and the brand new Ov Tentacles And Spirals released in the end ov February via Punishment 18 Records.

I love it when I can just by saying the band’s name feel the metal that they play. How important is it that the name is a sort of declaration of intent?
Asmodevs D.D. : To be honest the name Azrath-11 came out after some copyright legal problems we had with our previous which was Azerate-218. Personally the name ov a band is very important ‘cause you can clearely recognize which kind ov music you’ll goin to approach, also , the name is the mirror ov the concept behind the creation ov the band itself giving a stronger identity in the metal market. Azrath-11 is the concretization ov visions and energies, something far away the regular conception ov metal band, Azrath-11 has been meant to be a sort ov religious cult!

How would you define your sound to somebody like me that is new to the band?
Asmodevs D.D.: I’ll define our music like Darkened Death Metal but to me isn’t that important. I prefer people to let themselves drown unto the atmospheres ov our music and give ‘em the chance to label which music we are. Labeling a musical genre is only a vehicle for people to know what they belong and to easily find what they’re looking for.

How important is it that you feel a kinship with other likeminded when you write your music? Is your music intended just for your pleasure?
Asmodevs D.D.: Music to me is transcendence, is a magic vector to release my identity! Everytime we’ll start the writing process we don’t pay attention so much about to be likable and well accepted by all the audience, we write music for our passion and love first and if we realize good feedbacks for us is the biggest reward after an hard job. For us it’s like giving birth: new life, new beginning, new magic!!!!

Is there a concept to the band? An ethos that you live by?
Asmodevs D.D.: Azrath-11 since the very first day ov life meant to be a philosophic band based in a very singular way to conceive the nature ov sound and cosmo. As the artist I am my band it’s the perfect balance ov the ego and the universe, the elder entity dwelling the foundations built unto the bottom ov our souls! The concept behind the band is based on the elements ov nature: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind.Until now we sealed EARTH with “The Shrine Ov All Hallucinations” and the WATER with our brand new opus “Ov Tentacles And Spirals”.

What would you say has been your greatest source of inspiration/influence? How does that manifest itself in the music?
Asmodevs D.D.: Influences are energies that daily flow inside everyone ov us. Personally I’m a kind ov curious and accurate observant, everything is influence to me, not only music. Azrath-11 encloses the sum of multicolored nuances in its womb, to be more clear H.P. Lovecraft and his books exerted to me such a huge inspiration but also the esoteric doctrines combined with reality and the fantasy culture form the Azrath-11 formula that you can recognize inside our last album “ Ov Tentacles And Spirals” .

How important are the lyrics to the music? Do they go hand in hand or are they something that is written after the music is done?
Asmodevs D.D. : Music and lyrics are related as the alpha and omega in the universal existence! Actually I see that the new school extreme scene they don’t pay a proper attention about lyrics, people usually download the albums and most ov the time they don’t even read ‘em. I feel to be an old school artist and to me the concept is the spinal column on every album and lyrics help you better understand what a band want to communicate. About us we basically start from my ideas, we give ‘em music form and in sometimes we write lyrics at the same time, it depends about the writing process.

What importance does the art work and lay out play in the band’s universe?

Asmodevs D.D.: Artwork and layouts have the same importance ov the music!
We care a lot about the visual aspect on every album and love to make interesting and unique pieces ov art. Every concept have been made step by step with artwork, for example our first album “The Shrine Ov All Hallucinations” rappresented the element EARTH so as you can better understand the frontcover is an ancient ziggurath in the middle ov the crimson desert, the same happened on our new “Ov Tentacles And Spirals” where we hail the element WATER.

Would you say that you are part of a scene? How important is it to be interactive with other bands?
Asmodevs D.D. : There are many awesome bands all over the world, bands I really love and respect. Azrath-11 is part ov this worldwide movement but does not feel part ov a specific scene. Internet made possible to keep contact with most ov ‘em and we feel it’s a great opportunity for all ov us. The reciprocal support is the lifeblood unto extreme panorama. Personally I support only bands I really like and where I have friends, loyal and true support nowdays is something very rare……

What kind of future do you envision?
Asmodevs D.D.: Actually we are promoting “ Ov tentacles And Spirals” everywhere, meanwhile we received some interesting tour slot proposal for autumn, things are turning interesting unto Azrath-11, also I’ve started to write some new material for the third album, I cant stop working!
I will thank you Anders and Battle Helm zine for the support and to those will spend time to read our interview! I suggest to all ov you to listen to our new “Ov tentacles And Spirals” I’m sure you’ll gonna love it!!!!follow us on Facebook and all the main net channels!!!!!!!

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