I’m a sucker for anything that is symphonic, romantic and just pure gold in my metal. I get dragged down by anything that is melancholic and dark yet I turn happy from listening to it. AZALYA seem to bring out all that for me. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

From what I understand Azylya started from a written concept/story. How do you take the written words and turn them into a band?
-Once the outline of the story written, most stressful was to present to the musicians in order to embark on this adventure with me.

How much work was there in creating the story?
-I do not know exactly. If you have some imagination, you have in yourself elements of disparate stories, uncertain beginnings, sequences incomplete, blurred images, flash leaking, smells of things that you did and never felt and suddenly, alchemy of the mind, a lot of moving parts bump in the right place and a structured puzzle falls into place. A moment, there is nothing and the next moment, everything is there.

Where did the inspiration come from for a 14 year to write such an elaborate story?
-I am part of the generation that knew how to use a VCR before it could talk and if I can not say how many movies I watched, some like “Gone with the Wind” ( Victor Fleming – 1939), “The Crow” (Alex Proyas – 1994) or “Ginger Snaps” (John Fawcett – 2000) marked me for life. And what makes a good film? Three essential things: a good story, then a good story and especially a good story.
When diving for several years in the field of music, the desire to create began to tickle me, it is natural that I wished to write songs that would tell a story from one end to the other of a CD and, without being aware, I rediscovered the disk concept.

How restrained are you by the concept/story?
-The concept is not a constraint for me or a limit but rather a working structure.

Will we see an evolving story with each new album or is each album an end for the story?
-This story take place over two albums. Then we approach another topic that will be defined in collaboration with the group.

Your first release was an EP. What can you benefit from releasing a record like that instead of an album?
-Like it or not, a group really exist if it has a CD and a CD usually means Label, contracts, etc … Something that does not happen overnight … if it occurs one day. So there is the solution of the EP, a visit card, a kind of demo (+ / -) professional of 3 to 5 titles, cheaper to completion, that we can send to journalists, to festivals organizers and sell to fans at the end of the first concerts.
This is when the EP was shipped we have seen articles being published about Azylya, from Finland to Argentina and Russia to the USA. It is probably not unrelated to the fact that we are here today to respond to your interview.

What kind of expectations do you have on the album?
-Pleasure, pleasure and more pleasure. Pleasure to have worked with professionals for the completion of the CD at the Real Sound Studio in Italy (Thank you for all the team!). Pleasure of being propelled by international by Wormhole Death (Aural Music), a label that already has in its ranks bands such as The Way of Purity, Story of Jade Crysalys …. Pleasure to multiply the concerts, boosted with the organizers by the presence of the CD and its advertising. Nothing but pleasure.

How nervous is it to put your thought and ideas on record for everybody to interpret? How nervous is it to let go of your creation for people to make up their own interpretations?
-No, on the contrary, for me, music is a kind of collective sharing each enriched by his vision and interpretation.

When you play these festivals that are concept oriented and you are surrounded by bands pretty much similar in sound what experiences do you get out of that?
The most rewarding experience is the human experience, meet people from all walks of life united by a same musical universe. Then, is to see others bands, analyze their performance, and define what we lack, discover the details that make a successful stage performance and adapt them to our group.

How easy is it to tour on your own these days when the live scene seems to almost entirely consist of festivals or package tours?
-Nothing is easy, but to win without risk is to triumph without glory. We must fight, be persistent, adapt, and especially to create strong bonds of friendship between groups to share music events.
What would you say is the best way to promote the band these days?
-First have a label like ours, which make a very good work. Then have a constant presence and responsive on social networks, it is productive but it takes hours per day.

What would you like to see for the band?
-Pleasure. Pleasure generates pleasure. Passion borns of pleasure. Passion transcends. The public feels that passion and passion becomes harmony. What else?

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