If you a Swede and have any interest in hardrock you should know the name BALTIMOORE.. Well if you have any interest in hardrock wherever you may live you should be familiar with the name. Björn Loding answered Anders Ekdahl ©2016

When you picked the band name did you do so based on band names like Boston, Chicago, Kansas? How important is the band’s name in giving out the right kind of vibe?
-First of all; It’s BALTIMOORE. Has nothing to do with anything – just an easy to remember word that anyone can pronounce.

BALTIMOORE is almost like an unknown institution on the Swedish music scene. Do you feel that you have received the respect you deserve?
-As an artist you work on giving yourself the respect you deserve by being creative and keep going. I have the outmost respect for me and I try my best to keep it up every day. However, I do feel the respect from the people I work with. Recognition, on the other hand is probably where I fall short. Like when giving interviews with people who can’t spell the band name right.. Happens aaaaaalll the time…no worries

When you look back on the stuff you’ve done in the past does it feel like you are going to leave a great legacy behind you when that time comes?
-I’m wrapping it up now. No more new material for this band. 10 albums with original songs and one cover album and now 3 remakes. This new double-cd is the last effort. I started the band 1986, it took 30 years to finish it off. Yes, I have made the best out of it. It’s taught me all I know about writing/recording/producing – best school ever. The re-mixed songs, taken from 10 albums is a mix of what I believe is the best I’ve done. I decided very early in my carrer that I wouldn’t follow any trends or formulas. That got me into trouble many times but I’ve always paved through. Yes, I’m very proud of my songs mostly because they are true to me. I’ve also managed to gather the finest players to contribute. There is nothing out there that sounds like Baltimoore – and Baltimoore can sound just like anything. So am I proud of it? Fuck yes!

How do you arrange the tracks? Is there a method to how you arrange the songs on a record?
-Most of the time I have the instruments I’m gonna use figured out. Pre-production is the key…stretching and bending the songs. Depending on the mood I’m in the song can get slow or fast…or both…happy or sad. I always write on guitar for this band. I write a lot for others also and it’s pretty much the same procedure…start off with acoustic guitar. If drums are gonna be on I get the drummer in asap. It’s a dynamic process and I love it! I keep going until the fat lady sings.

Where do you find your inspiration to create?
-I’ve always been a creative person. I don’t have to look or wait for inspiration. I normally have 2-3 projects going at the same time. One can be building a guitar and while I’m doing that I think of a song or a theme… Life is good that way

How important is the graphic side of the band? How much thought goes into art work etc.?
-Not as important as the music. I do the cover last. Sometimes I collaborate with someone.

I might be very old school and regressive but I can’t come to terms with digital. I want a physical product in my hand. Do you as the artist notice that people have changed the way they listen to music because of digital downloads?
– have no idea how people listen to their music. However, if they want to hear my music they need to buy the cd’s. I’m not doing streaming or downloads. I mainly listen to vintage instrumental jazz/fusion or talk radio.

What is it like to play live today compared to ten or twenty years ago? Is there a difference?
-Baltimoore has never been a heavy touring act. I doubt that will change in the future. So, I wouldn’t know

Where does BALTIMOORE fit in? Does it feel like you have carved your own niche?
-It doesn’t fit in. It was type casted into something that was full of something snotty and never got along with the other children. It’s been lonely at times but I can’t stand organized religion. There is nothing out there like Baltimoore. Find them and I’ll sign them to my label!

What does the future hold?
– The release of a 24 track double-cd with the best songs the band has ever produced, called ’1.2’. I released ’1.1’ one year ago (18 tracks) All songs re-built and re-mixed from scratch by me, some songs also have re-recorded guitars etc. A facelift for the better! Release March 16. Get it here:

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