BANE impressed me so much that I just had to just had to interview them. So read and be impressed by the band you too. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Do you feel that you are on your way to make Bane a household name among those into extreme metal?
-To tell you the truth, not really, honestly…the thing about Extreme Metal today is that any band can play as support to any “big” band only if they have the money and “pay to play”…and that’s not really my vision of Metal and Underground music in general. I prefer for my band to have honest reviews in small webzines and have a small group of happy people after a full BANE concert, than to have a record label paying good reviews & front covers in well known magazines, and to play 20-minute sets in front of well-established bands in front of empty venues, if you understand what I am saying.

This is your second full length album but you’ve also released some split records in-between. What have you gained from these releases and how can you benefit from that now that the new album is out?
-Split releases are ones that I personally enjoy a lot, and all of them are done because of the friendship and support between the bands we’ve shared releases with. Of course, those helped spread the word about BANE a little to the people who bought or traded those releases because of the other bands on the release, which is a great vice-versa effect for all.

How did you go about finding your sound? How much of trial and error have you’ve been through?
-Hm…good question. I can’t really state that BANE has their unique sound, because honestly we sound like a Swedish band from the mid ’90s, just with much better production (sound of the recording, thanks to the evolution of sound engineering). The thing is, I just like that Melodic Black/Death Metal sound, so obviously the influences can be heard when listening to our music. For sure BANE’s sound has evolved since the first demo (recorded in 2007) – much better arrangements, riffs, etc…it just came in a very natural way, since I am the main (well, now only) composer for the band, I just write without really asking myself “will the people like this”, because all this I do it for myself only.

Do you feel that you are a part of greater death metal scene? Do you feel that you are a part of a national scene?
-No, I don’t consider that, really. In my opinion, every scene consists of, well, more or less 10 bands, and the rest are only there for a moment, and then after forgotten….simply, the time we live in now is horrible for small, young, unknown bands…as there is literally no Tape (demo) trading, too many bands resulting record labels to simply write on their websites “we do not accept any demo material”, or eve when they do, most of the time they don’t even reply, and so on…so as I told you, I don’t feel that BANE is part of anything, specially not of some big or great national scene. We are simply an Underground Black/Death Metal band who happen to have a few people enjoying our music, while we remain true to ourselves and do what we love.

How important is that there is an anti-Christian theme to the music/lyrics for it to be death metal? What kind of role does the church play in Serbia?
-Listen, everybody has the right to be what he is, and to write what he wants. Personally I find it extremely important, but it’s not something I will rub into someones face. I simply, again, do it for myself only because it’s who I really am, and the lyrics I write are 666% honest and loyal to my ideology. As for your other question I don’t know really, but quite honestly, don’t care at all. It’s me, my music, my world.

What would you say was/is your greatest influences?
-Jon Nödtveidt (Rest In Chaos). Most important and biggest influence. Actually, Dissection is the reason why BANE exists in this form.

How do you feel that you have progressed over the years?
-I am satisfied to be able to play & progress with the band and the music I love. As long as there is progress, the band will continue to move forward.

When you live in central Europe does it make life easier as a metal band touring/gigging? Do you feel that you are smack in the middle of things?
-Man, I have to point just a thing…Central Europe, in reality has nothing to do where I come from…I come from Serbia, the Balkans. It’s a country where there is not even one Metal shop, no decent concert venues, 2-3 UG labels (cheers to them for keeping the UG scene alive, you know who you are), and most importantly – where an average monthly pay is around 250 Euros. So, for me, touring was months, and months of saving money. Recording albums in Czech Republic (yeah, because there are no decent studios in Serbia to record Metal) was weeks of unhealthy eating just to put everything together. So basically, I am free to say that I lived (because I just relocated to Canada a couple of weeks ago) in the worst country for Metal, and that it was hard as hell to get the band where it is now, knowing (and myself only), really knowing what I had to go through to get gigs, tours, record labels, equipment, etc…

How important is the artwork to stand out among all the releases that come out every week?
-Quality and honestly is the most important thing in just about everything. Same goes to the artwork – it is really important to have eye-catching art, yet it being something that represents the band.

What future is there for the band?
-Not sure, really…will just see how it goes. I have some ideas for the 3rd full-length, but that won’t be before 2014…until then, we will see what will happen. HAIL CHAOS!

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