BARISHI is a totally new experience for me. If it is done well I have no issues with bands mixing styles. I might even love it. Answers by Dyan. ©2015 Anders Ekdahl

What is BARISHI really all about?
-Barishi is about writing music that we enjoy playing and listening to. If we can play that music in front of people who enjoy it, even better

Is there a difference in people’s attitude towards you if you don’t come from LA or NY?
-People’s attitude towards our home is usually that of either confusion or wonderment. People either don’t know exactly where Vermont is, or more rarely, don’t even know that it’s a state. People who do know about Vermont usually think that it’s cool we live there. I’ve never really heard any negative remarks about it. People just ask if we’re hippies or rednecks.

You have just released an EP after an album that got pretty good reviews. What is the thought behind this decision?
-We wanted to keep people up to date with our musical happenings and wanted recordings that were a more accurate representation of our live sound.

What is the biggest challenge in the creation of an album, to write the songs or to come up with really good songs?
-I think that the biggest challenge in writing an album is writing songs we enjoy after an extended period of listening. Playing a song and enjoying it is, I think, much easier than sitting down and really listening to your own work. We scrapped three or four songs from our original full length album because we realized, only after recording and listening to them extensively, that they sucked.

You have released the EP on your own. Do you prefer working digitally or is physical still cooler?
-If we had a choice we would release all of our music on every format. I would love to have our shit on vinyl, but it’s just too expensive to be a viable option for us at this time.

With a sound that is being described as both hardcore and metal how do you combine the two to make it a sound?
-When we write, we write what comes naturally. It’s never a conscious effort to blend styles or genres. If we write a song and like it, we keep it. If not it’s never played again.

How important are the lyrics and what message do you want to purvey?
-In the past we’ve always written lyrics last, but that may change In the future. The lyrics are usually about movies we like, mysticism, or even little stories we make up. We don’t like telling people exactly what to take away from our music because we hope that different people can discover personal meanings for themselves.

What part does art work for album covers play in the world of BARISHI?
-In my opinion Cover art has a big effect on the mood of an album. I think that a good album cover can really bridge the gap between audio and visual in a way that video can’t. Something about the stillness of the one picture, and the ever-changing, oscillating music strikes a chord with me in a way that video fails to do. One of the things I love about the cover art of our full length album (painted by Samuel McCabe) is that it can be interpreted in as many ways as there are people who view it.

When you play live do you notice a degree of greater recognition from the fans with each new time you pass through town?
-If we’ve played at a venue multiple times there are usually a few familiar faces and a few new ones as well. We can only hope that the new faces become familiar with time.

What do you see in the future?
-The future holds more music and more touring! Our current goal is to sit down and pound off as much new music as possible. Hopefully we’ll be back in the recording studio sooner rather than later.

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