Barn Burner

Barn Burner are definitely the biggest barrel loada fun to come out’ve Canada since the moose, but don’t be fooled, their brand of ‘scrap’ metal kicks ass like a house on fire judging by the insane ramblings of Kevin Keegan and Shan Siva!

LOL – I can’t believe one of you is called Kevin Keegan – man its a shame you grew up in Canada cos in England you’d be a god LOL! Are you good at football mate…?
KK: ha ha ha, I’m a terrible footballer, I gave up on it when I was 7, turned out I was a better baseball player. My dad used to cut out newspaper clippings of Kevin Keegan sports news, he would show me an article saying, “Kevin Keegan Wins Big!” or something and tell me I’m never going to amount to shit… bah! Kidding aside, those are some big fucking shoes to fill!

The term ‘barn burner’ seems to have a variety of meanings so what does it mean in your case?
KK: Well everybody likes a rip roarin bon fire so lighting a barn on fire would be a serious rager! No one can tell me that that wouldn’t be the best bon fire ever!

I love the album cover to Bangers II – it’s like something outta Beavis n Butthead mixed in with one of those 80s under the shelf videos – although I shouldn’t be laughing as nowadays I look just like one of dudes crawling around in the sand!
KK: We look like those dudes too! We are addicted to shit that makes us laugh, we have a hard time avoiding it.

I haveta confess that Metal Blade begged me (actually over 1 pint) to do an interview cos I thought you were just some piss take band so can you give us your take on your brand of ‘scrap metal’?
KK: We always get called stoner rock or classic rock and I’m not sure how accurate that actually is. We sort of borrow from a lot of different stuff and thought scrap metal kind of summed that up, scraps of this and that. And yes, we are in fact piss takers!

5. I never realised Canadians were such fun people – I went to Toronto once and was bored shitless LOL – so how loaded were you when you found the Barn Burner sound judging by song titles like ‘Kegstand and Deliver’?
KK: hahaha, we are usually really hung over in the van when we start joking around about retarded song titles, we really aren’t in our right minds when we come up with that shit.

6. Being a bit more serious, how does it feel to be on such a prestigious label as Metal Blade – has the reality sunk in yet?!
KK: ha! I’m sure if we actually sold records it would mean something but it doesn’t really when you are still playing basements. But yes, the label is really cool and we are lucky to be a part of it.

7. I haveta confess that I’d never even heard of you guys until Metal Blade sent me the album – and then I discovered it was a re-release of an album that you financed yourselves so was it re-mastered or something?
KK: Yeah it was originally out on a small Montreal label called New Romance for Kids. We did the vinyl ourselves and then metal blade decided to re-release it with 2 extra songs, remixed and remastered.

8. How much of a difference is your new album Bangers II to your debut – it seems a lot heavier and dare I say it, serious…?
KK: Yes, exactly. Heavier and slightly more serious. The lyrical content has always walked the line of being part tongue in cheek and part serious. This new record seems to lean more towards serious content, lyrically speaking.

9. And that same skelator dude is on the cover – is it a take on Iron Maiden’s mascot ‘Eddie The ‘ead’?
KK: it’s definitely influenced by Eddie, his name is Bernard Burner. He came about on a tshirt and we just thought he was bad ass so kept using him and developed a sort of mythology behind the character.

10. So I’m guessing that you must be touring right now to support the album so hows that going and when can we expect the next burner?!
KK: We just got back from a 6 week tour and yes we are starting to write new stuff. It will be a while before a 3rd album because this one is still pretty fresh. Thanks!

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