I love the sounds of the 70s. not only because I was in that decade but because there is something special to it. Hear what Dana of BEELZEFUZZ has to say on the subject. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

How important was it that you got the word fuzz into your band name?
-Haha, very important! The “fuzz” in the name lets you know its gonna be groovy! The “Beelze” lets the listener know it will have some heavy, dark lord appeasing, riffage.

You got a sound that is so bloody great. How have you managed to get a sound that is 70s tinged yet so very now?
-We wanted to show our influences without lifting riffs or lyric ideas directly from the songs. At the same time, we are always surrounded by new music, always playing shows with cool new bands. It’s impossible not to absorb those sounds into our collective Beelze-Brain.

I’m of the opinion that great music is great music no matter when it is played. So what was great in the 70s is still great today. How do you view music being divided into different eras; this sounding like that or that sounding like this?
-Great music is great music. It all depends on open minds and open ears to hear it and accept it. I’m a fan of analog sounding albums, but, I always wanna hear a good song. A good song will transcend any category.

If you were to name the most influential bands in shaping BEELZEFUZZ sound what would they be?
-Hmm, I’d say Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Grand Funk, Lucifers Friend and of course, Black Sabbath.

Does it matter what label you end up on?
-Yes, we wanted to be associated with someone who was knowledgeable of the doom/stoner genre. Oli definitely knows his stuff, he is the Doom Dealer, that says it all, haha!
Church Within has built a great reputation. Is that an advantage or a disadvantage simply because people expect a certain quality/standard from the bands they release?
We were interested in being associated with the reputation he has for cool music. There is an expectation for good music with Church Within Records. I think we made a cool album, I dig it, hopefully others will as well.

Now that you have an album out where do you intend to take the band?
-Wow, would be interested in playing some cool shows and fests with bands we dig and admire. I believe that has been our goal from the beginning. We are fans of this style of music, we are just using the band as a front to see cool bands, haha! We also want to make a great follow up album, which we have been working on and are ready to record soon.

When you’ve released a great album does that add pressure to coming up with an even better next time around? When do you start thinking about the next one?
-Funny you should mention that, haha! We are very aware of the second album needing to rock equally as hard as the first if not more so. We have 10 songs ready to go right now, well, almost, damn singer keeps slacking on finishing the vocals, what a lazy lame ass, haha! Anyway, we have prepared an abundance of groovy jams for the next album. There shall be more prog, more doom, more funk, more shrooms.

Apart from your sound is there anything else that you feel is necessary to define BEELZEFUZZ?
-I’d like the songs to just speak for themselves. We have no ambitions for mainstream acceptance. We play music that we wanna hear. If you can get down with that, cool. If not, well, I don’t see us changing what we do.

Is there a future?
-I hope so, I have just paid my phone bill and my mortgage, otherwise, that was a complete waste, haha! But, really, there is a future for the band, music isn’t a hobby, it’s a way of life. I have to write music, there is no option for me to just drop it. I think I’m reading to deep into this, haha. Hopefully there is a future for Beelzefuzz, on vinyl.

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