I had never heard of BEISSERT before their album turned up in my inbox. But what I heard impressed on me enough to wanting to interview them. Read and find out why. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

How do you tackle it when you are being hailed as the saviours of metal by some?
-First of all I’d attest farsightedness and expertise to these ones. But seriously – this is not necessarily right. Our music is not really orthodox enough. Strictly speaking we’re kinda “crossover”.
The saviour of metal hopefully will be a real traditional, true, reactionary band that will smash all the ridiculous nowadays “metal” trend kids and just reprieve a small venerable elite.

How hard was it to find your sound? What have been the major contributors to it?
-It was more an organic process. As the music so it changed the weapons. We started with a six string guitar and a Marshall Amp, than came the Engl and a seven string and in 2010 we got an endorsement deal with THC Amps and use since than an eight string guitar. Varying weapons, varying combat techniques.
Furthermore we had some massive line up changes and every new guy had to give a part of his soul as sacrifices. But I like that consistent progression. Never repeat, no stagnancy…but also no regrets.

How do you feel that you fit in today’s metal scene? if you were to place yourself between bands where would you like to go?
-We do not fit. I think we are outsiders. Or better: we are a very exclusive circle with very high access requirements.
We are not well informed ‘bout “today’s metal scene” and I do not really see our band as a part of it. We’ve some friends but usually they play different styles. In general I think it is more important to share similar attitude and philosophical views than to play the same music. And so my place seems to be somewhere close to the Black Metal scene.

I gotta ask about the art work to your album. What was the thought behind it?
Huh…amongst other things: to visualize darkness, devil and death. …in a unusual way.
I doing all the artwork stuff by myself and this time I did it this way. It’s a bubbling cauldron filled with symbols and icons. If you explore the booklet you probably will see all our inspirations…if you have an open mind and some wisdom in your heart…

How hard is it to stand out in today’s fierce competition? How do you make your name stand out amongst all the others?
-I see no competition. Like I said, I’m not really interested in what all the others do. I neither see the band as a part of some scene nor as a competitor in some dogfight. And I see no ‘opponents’ for us. You know, we just do what we wanna do. We don’t follow, we don’t fit into something.

Now that the album is out there for everybody to examine what kind of feelings do you have for it?
-Oh, I love it! We already recorded it in early 2012, so it was pretty hard to wait all the time until it was finally unleashed. Now we can proceed. We can play the songs live. …and we can start working on our new material. Every album is just one step further. Every song is one step closer to become an audialisation of thoughts, spirit and philosophy.

How do you intend to take it from here? What plans do you have for world domination?
-I do not want to dominate…I wanna see the world burn! So, if I had it my way, I’d rule a kingdom of ashes. I think we just keep on writing some eerie songs, play some shows, releasing albums, spreading darkness and see what will happen…or at least wait until it’s over.

How important are the lyrics to you? What is it that you want to say with them?
-It’s difficult. Lyricwise we’re pretty introverted. It’s very important to me personally, since I see the words and especially the meanings and ideologies as the instrument I play. That does not mean, that I share it with the listeners or that I have some good advices for ‘em. I don’t print’em but you can try to understand ‘em…and if someone catch me somewhere…feel free it ask me. It is personal so I’d prefer a private atmosphere. Summed up it’s all about darkness.

How important is playing live today for a band to make its name known?
-Well, I think it’s pretty important but we are too fucking lazy on this issue. Booking takes shitloads of time and unfortunately I’m pretty busy all the time. We constantly looking for booking agencies but till now we couldn’t find one. All in all we play ‘round five to ten shows the year…maybe one of the reasons for being not most famous band in the world.

If you were to plan the perfect line-up for a tour what bands would you like to share a stage with?
-Ugh, there are many possible line-ups. For example some Saxon hordes like our friends of Gorilla Monsoon, Abyssous and the incredible Purgatory. I’d also love to tour with Tribulation therefore they’re my favorite band today. In general I’d defiantly prefer a line up with some bands with different styles [which is no big deal in our case]. …well and they should be grim motherfuckers and like beer…

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