BELLUSIRA I discovered looking for bands from New Zealand. As I found them interesting I got Mark Dalbeth (Bassist) to answer my questions. ©2016 Anders Ekahl

Was it hard to come up with a name? What does the name mean to you?
-The name is a combination of two latin words Bellus (Beautiful) and Ira (Anger). We felt it was a good way to describe the sound and the message in the music, by turning something dark and angry into something positive.

Who would say have laid the foundation for the kind of sound you have?
-Each member has a lot of different influences that they bring to their playing. I don’t think there is one particular influence that has shaped the sound but instead a number of bands and artists that we have listened to and appreciated. As songwriters we focus on trying to write songs that we want to listen to, songs that stand up over time and have a strong meaning behind them.

When you play slow do you have to think differently arranging the music than if you play faster and vice versa?
-Yes. You have to thing differently with your approach when writing softer tunes. It’s a different beast and another challenge in itself containing yourself from wanting to make a tune heavier and just throwing a guitar riff in there cause you can. Each song is a craft to write and personally a very exciting one, it’s always a challenge no matter what style the song is and always an amazing feeling when you get it right and it all comes together.

What kind of stage environment would best suit your music; a big stage or a small club?
-The big stages, festivals etc are what i think every musicians craves, it’s an incredible environment being up there with thousands of fans out in the crowd. It’s an addiction that’s for sure, something that you want to last forever when you are on the stage.

If you could go back in time and change things what would you have liked done differently this time around?
-I don’t think you can ever look back and regret anything, you make the choices that you believed were right at the time and however it worked out, it has lead you to where you are now. I’m sure we all wished we never made any mistakes along the way but they are lessons and hopefully you learn from each one and get it right the next time.

Is it hard to reach out to all those that might be interested in your music? What alleys have you used to get people familiarized with your band?
-We are always promoting ourselves, we are pretty driven musos, we don’t sit on the couch and wait for people to hear us, we get to work. Whether it’s online promo, playing shows, releasing new music, touring, we push hard to get the music out to as many people across the work as possible and have been fortunate to now have fans across the globe.

What to you is a great front cover? What should a cover have to make it great?
-I think a good cover makes you think when you look at it and it should also have a connection to the music that is on that particular record.

Do you feel that you are part of a national scene? What is the climate for rock/metal in your country?
-Tough question, I was born in New Zealand, spent a good amount of time in Australia and now i’m in America. I am not sure if we are part of a particular scene, we are a bit of a hard band to put into a certain genre as we have anything from pop, rock, metal in our sound. I do know there are a number of amazing bands in all those countries that i have been fortunate enough to witness live. Anyone reading this i would suggest they get out and discover some local music, it’s one of the best things you can do with your time!

When do you know that you have come as far as possible in your country and the next step is looking abroad?
-Well i have made the move twice now, i think you just have to trust that you are making the right call. It is never an easy one, packing up and moving your entire life into a couple of suitcases is always tough on the emotions. You just have to be able to sleep at night and know that when you wake up you will be ok with the decision and just back yourself.

What does the future hold?
We will find out.

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