Bulgaria mighty have a rich history but when it comes to metal it is still a pretty blank page for most people. BENDIDA try their best to change that. Anders Ekdahl ©2016

When you release a new recording does it feel like you have to start a new a couple step back because so much time has passed and so many new bands have entered the scene since the last album or do you just pick up where the last one left?
-Time is ticking away, tendencies are moving all the time and yes, music also changes, start to fallow new streams, improvements, includes new ideas and technics, so it would be bad to walk against the course. Each record has the spirit of it’s time. Every new one should be a step ahead. For sure we have some personal rules and directions that we’ll keep on following now and then but we are trying to add something new.

Do you have an aesthetic that you keep true to from recording to recording (i.e. stylistical same art work, lyrical theme etc.)?
-Yes, our songs comply to the theme of our Fantasy metal style. The sound of our music is also very typical. Lots of our songs are telling stories about a person, real or mythological creature from the traditional Bulgarian folklore. Even the songs with other themes out of our folklore and mythology has some hidden traditional rhythm and sound too. There is another typical thing about Bendida’s music, it’s the ghost of Baroque and Renaissance that appears, coming out from the beautiful instrument Viola da Gamba. As far as i know, we are the only metal band that includes this ancient musical instrument. It has a very specific sound and brings the magic of it’s time.

How hard is it to come up with lyrics to the songs? When do you know that you have the right lyrics?
-To give the answer of this question, first we have to mention that our songs and lyrics are both created by the same person – the guitar player and singer of Bendida – Vinnie Atanasov. Lyrics and instrumentals are coming together and they both describe the idea and the picture that appears in the author’s mind. There are really a plenty of ideas still waiting on the queue to be released .

How hard is it to find the right art work? What are you looking for?
-Looking for the rigt art work it’s a process that shouldn’t be strictly framed by too many rules, because it’s good to try some new things and make experiments but there are some principals that we have and we won’t cheet on them for sure. One of these rules is to be unique and compare with ourselves only… of course at the same time we keep an eye on the new metal production to see what happens around but we try to stay away from strong influence.

Do you ever feel that you get misinterpretated because of the metal you play?
-Well it’s always great honour for us when we meet a person who enjoys our music and gives us nice feedback. Our style is not from the most popular and commercial…but even the most popular bands and types of metal can be misinterpreted by fans that like other kind of metal. This is normal of course.:)

Do you feel that you get the recognition you deserve, nationally as well as internationally?
-We would like to keep on sharing our songs with more and more people who can appreciate it both in our country and abroad and we will give our best. This month we started the recording of our album and it would be great if we have the chance to present it in front of many people here in Bulgaria and beyond the borders of our country.

Is the end of physical close by or is there a future for all formats?
-“The end” sounds too pessimistic so it’s better to believe there will be future. The music has no physical aspects. It’s a only way to show our true nature and in this plan nothing else really matters. It’s only an idea and way to bring our inner feelings through the space and distance

I get the impression that today’s touring scene is most made up of festivals or multiple band line-ups. Is it harder/tougher to tour today?
-It’s a little bit early to answer this question because we still don’t have much experience with big tours. Hope we’ll have the chance and make a bigger tour in the near future.

If you were to decide how would the stage show look like?
-The stage show should be sincere… If you are playing “Yourself” on stage, you don’t need to pretend and this is the role you would play most perfect.

What does the future hold?
-I hope that future holds good luck and success for us:). As I mentioned before, we are working on the new album now, hope to record and present it in the best possible way, meet some more new fans “at home” and abroad and keep on developing.

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