I love Denmark. As a teenager we went to Denmark to get drunk and to see cool metal bands live. Denmark also had some of the coolest bands in the 80s (and Lars Ulrich). Thankfully we are seeing more and more cool bands coming out now. Like Beneath the Silence. ©2015 Anders Ekdahl

Where do you call home?
Beneath the Silence was formed in Aarhus (Denmark), in spring 2013 by vocalist Mette Hessellund and bassist Søren Drews, who found out that they had the same passion for metal. After writing and recording the first demo, drummer Andreas Lüdemann and guitarist René Larsen joined the band, and not too long after we had our debut concert at Backstage in Aarhus.

What is it like releasing your own music? What direction have you taken musically?
Since this is our first demo, we really have nothing to compare it to. That being said, making this demo has made it much clearer for us in which direction our music will continue. The addition of René and Andreas has also contributed greatly to our new material, since they have vastly different musical backgrounds than the two founding members. This demo was made partly with the goal of finding the specific sound we wanted the band to have, and this is reflected in the next songs we will record in the future, having a more modern, heavy style.

How would you define your sound?
Since the demo was recorded by the two founding members – while still looking for the rest of the line up – and the fact that we were still looking for our own sound, it was more of a “learning-by-doing” experience. The 3 songs cover different aspects of the genre we wanted to play, so that we could find out which aspect suited us the best. We realised that Out of the Grave, with its heavier feel, was the path we wanted to pursue in the future. René – the guitarist – also contributed greatly to the specific sound of the following material, giving the guitars a tighter, more modern edge. We really look forward to our next recording, now that we have found our own sound!

How important are the lyrics?
(Mette) The lyrics are mostly inspired by my own life and what I go through at the moment. The themes vary between everything from broken hearts to politics and my view upon the world.

What part does art work and the graphic side of the band play?
We haven’t really worked that much with artwork yet. The only artwork we’ve really done is our logo and our approach towards that was to make it match our sound. When we reach the point of doing artwork for a new EP and merchandise, we will probably have the same approach.

What kind of response have you been getting?
We are still a very young band, but have actually been very surprised about the amount of people from other countries finding and liking our music. America, Sweden, and particularly Spain have metal fans listening to the demo and that is a great honour. We really hope to get the opportunity to play gigs outside of Denmark in the future.

What is the metal scene like in Denmark today?
Although it is a small country, Denmark has had quite a few internationally successful metal bands, Mnemic, Hatesphere and Volbeat to name a few. The reason that there aren’t as many as from other countries could be from the fact that Denmark is a tiny country haha.
A few years ago, the Danish metal scene was heavily dominated by death- and thrash metal. In recent years, this dominance has subsided, giving more room for other genres. I think the themed festivals of Denmark deserve some credit for this, since they give bands of other genres a chance for exposure to bigger audiences. We hope this tendency continues, otherwise we would get a hard time from audiences looking for some death metal haha. While there have been female fronted metal bands in Denmark for many years, these have usually fallen into two categories, namely symphonic metal, with a classically trained soprano, or death/thrash metal with a female growler. We hope to fit in between these and fill in a genre that is somewhat lacking at the moment.

Do you feel like you are a part of a scene, nationally as well as internationally?
Denmark, like other Scandinavian countries, has a pretty broad heavy metal community compared to many other countries. It will, however, never (or very rarely at least) be profitable to play heavy metal concerts haha. We do this because we love it, not to earn a living.

What does the future hold?
Right now we’re in the midst of writing material to our forthcoming EP, which we plan on recording this summer and hopefully releasing late summer/fall. After that we’ll put all our energy towards getting out there and playing some gigs

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