I’m not afraid to admit that at times I like melodies in my extreme music. Besserbitch gives me that aplenty. Interview with Elin. Anders Ekdahl ©2011

I’m not gonna go on about “Girl groups” too much but was the intention that Besserbitch would be only girls?
-No it wasn’t really. But it somehow feels easier and more comfortable rehearsing and creating music with a bunch of girls on the same level. We’re not afraid or insulted in terms of being referred to as a “girl band”. Almost seems like a cliché that you are supposed to. But what the hell, we ARE girls in a band and it’s not a big deal really. It’s ok to say guy band as well. Or cat band. Old peoples band etc.

This might not be the most original question but who have had the most influence on your musical development?
We all have very different and individual musical references. Some of us are more into d-beat/crust and hardcore. Whilst some of us are more into punkrock with catchy tunes, post-hardcore, deathmetal, 80’s pop. We have musical influences from anything between Slipknot to Misfits to ABBA really.

To me it doesn’t matter if the band is full of girls or boys as long as the music is good but are there any ”girl groups” that stand out more than others?
There are one American band that used to be really good and used to be an all girl band – Civet. This year they switched two of their members to two guys instead, it doesn’t sound so good anymore unfortunately. It’s like they lost their passion and raw bitch sound. Of course, this still could’ve happened if they still were an all girl band so we’re not blaming the guys. Fluffy was a great all girl band from the 90’s, too bad they split up. And then we have a lot of bands fronted by women as well. Guano Apes/Sandra Nasic is great for instance.

I have never played in a band, nevertheless been a woman. Can you tell from people’s attitudes that you’re looked upon differently than had you been all male? Are male musicians more accepted?
-There is a negative aspect to it and that is that people might “assume” that it sounds like crap just because we are girls, a lot of girl bands do sound like crap but so do male bands. The positive side to it is that it easier raises interests among listeners, and hopefully inspires more girls to start bands and play music.

I’m totally fascinated by band names. You have found one that immediately sticks to your memory. How hard was it to come up with the band name?
-Not difficult at all. The word besserwisser came out wrong from Sannas mouth and became besserbitcher. We liked the word and turned it into Besserbitch.
-Sanna makes up a lot of own words, real good words and we hope that she will make her very own dictionary one day. So there is no clever statement behind the band name.

To me who is as old as time itself crossover means a mix of metal and hardcore. For those younger than me it has a totally different meaning. What is crossover to you?
-Someone said we sound like ABBA-Punk, now that sounds like a pretty cool crossover don’t you think? Never really reflected over the word or genre crossover. The thing is, you can’t be limited when you create music, and the idea of different genres meeting and mixing with each other is great. We don’t do that consciously though, but we’re very open-minded when we write our music, you can’t be inhibited while you’re creating songs.

Your EP can be bought through Itunes. Is this the new way to spread your music to the masses or is the good old way still viable?
-Music stores on the internet like itunes and spottify are great ways to spread your music. The hard thing is to reach out, there are A LOT of band these days and pretty much everyone publish their music on the internet. You have to create something that is very special to be able to actually sell it. It’s not like the good old days, probably never will be either.

What measures to you take to make Besserbitch the band name on everybody’s tongues?
-Try to be seen as much as possible, use all the contacts you have, do a lot of shows in different cities. Mail bomb radios and all sorts of magazines and pages online. And of course, making great songs.

Is playing live still the best way to build a fan base?

How do you intend to take Besserbitch to the next level?
– Like doing what we do right now, only better, harder and faster. Better songs and better promotion!

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