BLACK FATE made me sit up and take notice. This one turned out to be really cool heavy metal. Gus Drax answered my questions. ©2015 Anders Ekdahl

When I see a band name like BLACK FATE my mind wanders for some reason towards Mercyful Fate/King Diamond. How would you like to describe your metal?
-Well,Even though I am a huge fan of both King Diamond and Mercyful Fate I would say that our music has little to any common things with them.
Especially in the vocals. We have a way different singer from the King.
I would describe our Music as Progressive Power Metal. It has different elements both from Power Metal and the Progressive Metal genre as well.
We have some really mellow and simple parts but also many heavy parts and riffs and technical ones. It’s a balanced Heavy Melodic album.

How hard was it for you to pick a band name that best suited your kind of metal?
-That’s a question that Nikos should probably answer since he is the only member left from the first line up but I would say that its always hard.
Its always hard to find a name that suits your Music and your style and also to be lucky enough not being used yet! hehe

You have a long history yet this is the first time I have heard of you. Why is it so hard for Greek bands to make a name for themselves internationally?
-Until the recent years with Musicians doing some big International moves like Rotting Christ,Firewind,Septic Flesh and others it was almost impossible to succeed that extra step.
I would say our location has a lot to do with it and also that until recently we didn’t have the Professional mentality I would say that starts growing a bit in the last years.

What is the Greek metal scene like in early 2015?
-We have some really great and talented bands and Musicians that have a lot of potential and they could absolutely stand in big stages but what we are still missing is that the bands don’t really work together well. I’m pretty confident that the world is going to hear from the Greek Musicians/bands in the near future.

The album has been out a while now. What kind if response have you had to it? How has the response you have gotten matched the response you expected to get?
-We are thrilled from the response!! Its absolutely great to see such a reaction both from the Media and the fans for your Endeavor.
No we didn’t expect that. In Music you can never expect anything. You just do your best and wish for the best reaction. That’s what we did, we did our best and hoped for the best feedback!

How do you pick art work? Do you puck it based on a sing title or on the whole feel of the album?
-That’s a question for Vasilis Georgiou because he is the one responsible for the whole artwork but I can say that the whole feel of the album plays a major role on how the cover and the whole artwork of the album is going to look like. Even the photos that we are taking.

What part does the lyrics play? What kind of topics will we never see adressed in a BLACK FATE song?
-The lyrics also play a bog role in our songs. We give a lot of attention to this part as well.Our lyrics are a mixture of fantasy and inspiration and we try to write this way that the listener can “connect” and relate with what we say in his own way and life. We would probably never write negative lyrics like antisocial or antireligion or anti…anything. We are not this kind of band. We will keep it artistic as it has always been .

How do you work the social media the best in order to promote the band the best?
-We are using all the means that we have available to promote the band. It’s the most reasonable thing to do. All the bands nowadays use the media to reach the world and make new fans. We use facebook,twitter,youtube and other known platforms. Plus our label Ulterium records is also very good with the social media and help us a lot in promoting the album.

Is touring a good way to spread the band’s name? Which festivals work the best if you want to reach the fans?
-Absolutely! Playing as many shows as possible is the best way to become bigger and more famous. Festivals are indeed a great way to promote a band especially when it’s a festival with bands close to your style. For example a festival like the Progpower USA or Progpower Europe or PPM fest in Belgium that we played with my other band Sunburst would be a great way to reach new crowd cause in these festivals play bands similar to us.

What does the future hold for you guys?
-We want to play as many shows as possible both in our country and abroad and of course new Music. We want to create as many albums as possible!

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