I only know BLACK FEET from a Swedish punk compilation LP but that track on that album impressed me enough to want to interview them so here it is. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Let us start with a short description of what you feel is your greatest achievement so far?
-Greatest achievement so far must be the fact that we just got nominated for the Swedish independent music award “Manifest”! We’re totally thrilled about that! Otherwise, of course, recording and releasing our debut album, without it we wouldn’t even have been nominated.

Whose idea was it to start Black Feet and how long did it take for you to write and record your first song?
-I (Lovisa) and Tess have toured together with our previous bands (Kamikatze and Disco Volante) a few times and talked about doing something together. So, when I moved to Stockholm, we decided to do something about it. Since we had both played more punk/hardcore before, we wanted to do something else this time, more garage/punk/rock with melodies. Catchy but still complex. Tess, who writes the majority of the songs, came up with some ideas just a few weeks after we decided to form a band. The first recording we did was our debut album, which was about 8 months or so after we started the band.

Is there a greater purpose in wanting to be a part of a band? What does it give you in terms of communal feelings?
-I think there’s almost always a greater purpose with what you do. But, I mean, all of us have played in bands more or less all of lives, and that’s just something we can’t be without. For several reasons.

I was raised on 70s punk, got turned on to extreme metal in the 80s and still to this day have a hard time passing on any great music. Do you see a more integrated scene with people from all kinds of genres gathering in unity?
-It’s difficult, almost impossible, to do something that no one has ever done before. But I don’t think that’s what it takes to be unique or even to do your thing. The mix of different genres is what makes music interesting.

To me punk is so much more than just music. To me punk is a way of being, a respect for everybody’s differences. What is punk to you?
-Doing your own thing, what you like, no matter what everyone else says. Standing up for what you believe in and being true to yourself.

Do you see your music having greater crossover potential in today’s music climate? Are people still hung up on being this or that?
-Absolutely. People seem to have a greater tolerance, there’s not so many people being into only one band or one genre these days. There’s too much great music out there and limiting yourself to just one thing is just plain stupid.

What does DIY mean to you in this day and age when isolation and not interacting socially increases thanks to the net and all different social medias?
It means the same no matter what time and age – to be true to yourself and doing what you believe in. And I’m not sure the net and social media means that we’re more isolated. For the music and punk scene it’s a great tool which can give you so many more opportunities than before. I also like the fact that it has contributed to that many artists and bands have started their own labels and are in control of their own music. It means a lot to punk music, that you’re able to do whatever you want and not being limited by what the record labels want to release, and can earn money from.

Is there sustainability in being DIY in 2011/2012? Can you still interact with people in such a manner that reciprocity becomes the norm?
-Good music is always, and will always be, good music. I think people know and appreciates that. Also, I’m not sure that DIY 2011/2012 is so much more different than before other than that more band and more artists seem to want to have control over their art/music, which I think is great.
I guess that you too release records on whatever label that wants you. Is there a method to it or are you just glad that people want to put out your music?
-No method really, but obviously we’re looking for labels that release our type of music i.e other bands that are not too far away from our sound, or labels that release bands/music we really like. That’s basically it.

Do you think about the future for Black Feet? Is there a future for Black Feet?
-Right now the plan is to release some new songs that we recorded in April last year. The new songs are a quite different from the ones on our debut album, so we’re excited… Also, playing more gigs, both in Sweden but also Denmark and hopefully some other countries. Keep your eyes open and check for updates on our myspace,

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