BLACK PALACE might come from a sunny place but their music is as black as the night. Black Metal is the name of the game for this band. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Can you please introduce us to Black Palace?
-Aphrodite –Voice, Lascivia – Guitar, Vritra – Bass & Chorus &Andraz – Drumms

How hard was it to go from an idea to form a band to actually realizing the band? Any trouble finding like-minded people to play with?
-To begin with the idea was not difficult, the truly hard was to find the correct persons who really want to play with us and to have this commitment that not a lot of people have, other problem was that METAL is a genre where there is not so much people, if it is difficult to find people with common ideologies, that play an instrument and in this case that person have to be a woman that is very difficult. To get a band in a country where the chauvinism stills present is so fucking difficult, sincerely our band positions was difficult but thanks to these obstacles we can achieve solid objectives. Obviously is not easy we have different likes but always we talk about them and then we can have a common conclusion and to had that way to resolve and arrives to a common conclusions is the way that allow us to capture the essence of each of us and you could listen to that essence in “THE ORIGIN OF CHAOS” our album debut.

When you play black metal in a country as catholic as yours do you attract any kind of controversy or criticism from the church?
-We don’t have problems from the church, any priest or any nun never tell us something about the band, but when someone have a topic with other person and this person don’t know anything about the band and this person don’t listen to BLACK METAL probably this person will gonna say that you are complete crazy hahaha, but in fact most of the critics are from our families because we don’t play a popular genre like pop or that kind of genres, that is why not a lot of people turn to take attention in us we are not a threat for catholic religion yet hahahaha, but we think the church has situation more important to have attention.

What kind of reaction do you get from the mainstream culture to you being a metal band?
-We think that is not necessary to be a catholic person or not to play Metal, but people have to be consistent in what are you showing with your music. We are not persons who enter in this common current but Black Metal fills our hearings the passion, hatred, pain, aggression and everything is handled are pleasing for us and have the opportunity to express ourselves with this kind of music is something that we appreciated a lot and for other hand of who “share” the same ideology or the same taste for the music as us not always have good reactions, there are people who don’t accept four girls playing Black Metal and those girls want to get part of the Black Metal Scene just because that people that don’t accept this situation don’t believe that we can to compose and to play a something really good, or simply they don’t believe that we can feel what we are playing like them, reactions are quite heterogeneous, on the other hand there are those who support us and they are always on the lookout for our work.

What kind of following do you have nationally? Do the fans support you or are they more into the international bands?
-At least Metal in Mexico could divided in two parts: 1. People who just follow foreign bands (they are the most) and 2. People that follow foreign and national bands. We have good support from the people that knows the national Metal scene, although exist a lot of people who just listen to foreign band without know that exist good nationals bands.

What has bands like Sarcofago, Volcano, Dorsal Atlantico, Sextrash etc. meant for today’s metal scene? Do people treat their national bands with any sort of pride and respect?
-Some of them, specially the old bans as Cenotaph, Toxodeth, Argentum, Shub Nigurath, Disgorge etc. because of they are old bands, and actually most of the people of this generation is so close minded to the new bands. In fact some of those bands are as a cult band in metal scene and actually here are not so much people that support and respect the work that you do as a band, sometimes the bands has more support out of their country, and that is why most of the bands want to go to other country because of that those bands could win the knowledge they want as a band and also they can has more support in other countries than in their country.

If you are called Sepultura I guess there’s no problem touring the country but what kind of infra structure is there for a smaller band to tour the country side? Is metal mainly a big city thing?
-Well, actually we don’t have sufficient means; it is about to looking for a developer or organization and ask for support on travel allowance to perform something. Currently Metal in Mexico is crewing up and with not so much support. We think that in Europe and Canada bands has more support because Metal is more known than here in Mexico. We think that there is not a good support for bands because there are not many organizers who are willing to invest in something like that.
Internally as a band we couldn’t afford a departure from the “country”, we would need support to do that. As a band we don’t have the infrastructure that we wanted including country level, promoters and organizers to support the bands also missing too for that and the bands coming out from Mexico to other places almost always have the support of outsiders and some intermediaries in the country, but nothing else, for that matter as there is no infrastructure that facilitates the bands get to play outside of Mexico.

How would you define black metal? What is black metal to you? Are there things you can’t do as band because it isn’t true black metal?
-We don’t like “true” term hahaha, but well, BLACK METAL is a feeling, is like a drug for us hahahaha, it is a way to express our internal demons as one of the most fascinating and dark genre of METAL. Paganism, darkness, freedom, desperation, self-destruction, hate, misanthropy just for mention some feelings that black metal is for us. Black Palace is characterized as an open minded band because we are open to other possibilities about sound, Black Metal is so important for us because we feel and enjoy each of our songs about this genre.

In Europe it seems like even in the remotest villages you can find great metal producers. How hard is it for you to find the right people to work with?
-We don’t know a lot of people who are producers or engineers, we think it is hard, currently we had a bad experience with the production of our album debut in fact we think that we have to looking for some safer production and that is hard because this kind of genre is crewing up.

What kind of future would you want Black Palace to have?
-Keep playing with BLACK PALACE to the end and go to other countries playing our music and we want nothing to stop its progress and keep the warpath! Thanks for taking a minute of your time and made this interview for us, thank you so much.

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