I used to be down with the Italian HC scene back in the 90s but somehow got sidetracked and lost touched with it. With BLACK SOUND EMPIRE it is nice to reconnect again with a scene long lost. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Whenever I see post mentioned in connection to music I get a strong feeling that somebody is trying to sell me air. What does the post description in your case stand for?
-Hi here is Andrea the guitar player , founder and the mind behind black sound Empire, Haahah, yes i agree with you about the true meaning of the word Post, i also hate to put labels on labels on genres, i also feel the same thing you feel every time i read the word sludge….To be honest, SISMA is not a real post metal album..we’ve putted the label post rock on us because now we play post metal..on SISMA you can easily hear one of my biggest musical influence that is the band Glassjaw…new new material (after SISMA) is really Isis and Neurosis oriented…For what I can say about us , is that our mind is post and dilated. This album is produced by 2 gods of this sector : ANDREW SCHNEIDER who worked with bands like Converge, Unsane, Cave In, The Ocean, Zozobra and with JOHN LAMACCHIA , guitar player of the band Candiria. The new material we are currently writing is totally different and we can t wait to record, we used a different music approach..different instruments , new tracks are about 10 minutes each….new Black sound Empire are different than this era…SISMA era, so if post means dilated..yes we are post ahahah
How did you guys end up with the sound that you have? What in the meeting of all the members resulted in BLACK SOUND EMPIRE?
-We decided during the pre production to find our formula to respect the natural songs development , keeping some “American modern music standard” We are 6 guys whom listen to a lot of different music styles and you can easily hear it on the album, in the past all the thing we care was to see peoples move during our gigs we wanted violence we wanted horns up in the air, now our will is that the crowd must focus on us, close the eyes and fly away… and we found a compromise. Even during the production of SISMA our producers gave us gold advices and they had an important role about that.

What kind of scene is there for the kind of music that you play in Italy?
Underground man, underground for the most..there are still clubs whom play metal, but a lot are closed and a lot will close so soon, the situation here?…well it is a tragedy !!!. Bands like us are seriously starting to look away when we can do it , touring places like Germany or east Europe is more easy and rewarding !
How does the band fit into the national Italian music scene? How is alternative music (metal/HC) treated in Italy?
Not well, the most of the time you’ll stay alternative for the rest of your life, it sucks that sometimes you have to play for free ,sometime clubs or agencies doesn’t pay you, you survive only with merchandising and cd sold..very sad, As I said before we look other places where “ run free “, Italy sucks on everything…politics, health, education, art…we’ve ruined this country, only the food is still good ! A lot of time if you are lucky you can find a free slot to pay to open for a big name..sad isn’t it ?
I‘ve never ever written a song in my life but when I think about I end up feeling that the hardest part is the lyrics. How do you write lyrics that don’t feel silly or totally worthless?
I personally write all the music, and i don t “ touch “ lyrics parts, the most of the time i m not able to put down my feelings in words , Marco (our current singer) is an heavy deep person, his feelings comes out..always…ahaha, the only thing i can say that s i love to give strange song names during the writing session.
How pleased are you with album “SISMA”? How much of your ideas and plans for it did actually come to life?
-A lot, I mean a good 90%…we haven‘t lost the focus on the ideas on the whole concept during the recording and mixing process, even if we had to run, because for peoples like us time means money in the studio, we can t stay a lifetime to record we can t loose time in bullshit, we have no people who pay for us, you know what i mean ! We rehears a lot the material and when we go in the studio we are 100% focus on our parts and stuff .We d love to write down a whole album in the studio as the pro use to do…but we can’t afford it for now !
Do you feel that because of the kind of music that you play you have a greater freedom in what you can do aesthetical (I.E. art work, lay out etc.)?
-Oh yes we had all the freedom of this world, our label doesn’t stressed us out. We had the chance to work with one of the greatest local artist for the artwork we are very happy and proud bout it ! If you want to take a look to his jobs go here : . He deserve all the success of this world !
If you look at the band on an international scale where do you see yourself fit in? What kind of bands do you feel close to?
Is not an easy know? Well we feel close to bands they rise up from nothing..spitting bloods through the years !

What do you want the band to achieve for you? What kind of goals and hopes do you have to the band?
-we are building up a very impressive live set with a personal lights set on the stage, we hope the peoples will like it as an addition ..we’ll have visuals and stuff…I m very proud of it… continue to have our sequence of tours outside Italy even if they are only a week short as we are currently doing !, we d love they could become more and more !

What future would you like to see?
-A new album…probably an EP, don t now if with this label or not, we will see ,..and tours on tours on tours !

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