I might be naïve but I don’t understand this whole Myspace/Youtube notoriety that people seem to strive for today. With that in mind you can find some really cool things if you search real hard, like BLACKEST ORCHID. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

From what I understand you don’t have a band. Instead you appear on other people records? How does that happen? Are you the Canadian equivalent to Sarah Jezebel Deva?
–Oh that’s a compliment thank you, I admire Sarah for all her work with Cradle of Filth and she is really an inspiration to me. Yes that is correct, I didn’t have a band up until now. I finally formed a band in the last few months. I have been a solo musician for many years now and most of my work so far has been collaborations with other Black Metal Musicians from all over. 2 of my collaborations “In Darkness” and “Behind The Trees” with Asbel from Colombia have been released on his Albums “The Dark, The Withered Vol1 and 2 on Salute Records in Sweden and available for purchase. I have always loved Music as long as I can remember, so When I found a chance to Sing and collaborate, I did not hesitate. I have always tried to form my own band, but had no luck, so I started to collaborate. Its been going really well, I enjoy it and will continue to collaborate with bands and Musicians as long as they are interested equally. I do it all for the love of Music, nothing more.

Has modern technology made it easier to contribute to other acts recordings? I guess the budget these bands act on is often non-existing.
-BLACKEST ORCHID was officially born on Myspace in 2007. I must always thank myspace for the great networking abilities it offered me, The musicians I met, the chance I got to upload my Music and be heard, the free website I got, and how I took advantage of all these great offers for free and at no one’s expense or loss. I am very thankful that Technology came through for me this way, because if it wasn’t for Myspace, I would have never been able to start this great adventure into music and actually being heard by all the great musicians out there as well as big bands and by people from all over the world.

What kind of criteria do you act on? Is there somebody you’d never interact with?
-I think the way I understand this question, you mean What Music Genres do I choose?! Well I mainly choose a wide variety of Metal Music, mainly Symphonic Style, Classical Style, and Black Metal. I also love classical music and Movie scores and Vocal Jazz. I am not currently interested to collaborate with other genres of music. However I do respect their talent and work.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to go for a career on your own instead of hopping from artists to artists?
–Its interesting how you put it… but for me Collaborating has simply given me the chance to make Metal Music. I have played classical guitar for years and have many songs I wrote. I could have easily started my myspace page uploading my acoustic songs, but this wouldn’t have been Metal. Because I didn’t have the gear and time to record at home I chose to work with great Musicians in the mean time and I truly enjoy collaborating. Even now that I have formed a band, doesn’t mean I will stop collaborating with musicians who offer it to me. When it comes to music, there are no limits. To me Music is as free as it can be.

What is it about black metal and female vocals? To me that seem like an oxymoron (beauty and beast).
-Well many people might not consider me true Black Metal but I don’t scream and shout the way most Black metal Vocalists do, but the Music I sing to has been mostly Black Metal. I have taken my own twist on it, I sing in an operatic style. I call BLACKEST ORCHID Operatic Black Metal. This is the way I feel it the most. When I hear the melodic guitars of Black Metal it just makes me want to sing and hum, so however it comes out, I let it out. Also Black Metal is a lifestyle and has a certain attitude, and when it comes to the true feelings behind it, such as the, the sadness, the despair of humanity, and allot of the anti religion aspects, I support it the most. I simply love Black Metal. But female vocals are not all I want in my music, I also want the male screams in my songs and I am hoping that with the new band and the new material I can incorporate that into my music. I think you put it nicely, beauty and the beast…I am hoping to add the feminine beautiful side to this dark, angry and hateful music. I think it’s a nice contrast.

What is it about black metal that is fascinating to you? Why not gothic metal or any other kind of metal?
-As I mentioned above, I love the style and the attitude and mainly the Guitars. I love the Black Metal guitars.

What kind of training do you have? What kind of vocals do you do?
–Well I always sang in the school choir in Germany for many years, and in music classes we always sang to classical music. We sang along to many classical composers such as Beethoven and Vivaldi to name a few;) I guess this is where I got allot of my vocal training from. I never really took any vocal lessons, but I did take 2 yrs of guitar lessons in Germany where I grew up. After that I came to Canada and that’s when I started to write my own songs and sing to them. I sing all the time, every day, wherever I can, whenever I can, and this is how I compose my music.

Do you have any specific influences that you keep returning to when things go bad?
-I love classical music, I always go back to Classical Music, and also allot of Movie scores. I love Classical symphonic Movie soundtracks very much.

Being Canadian does that bring along anything special metal wise? Do you feel like you’re part of something greater? Canada has produced some really great metal acts over the years.
-Not really, Because my style of music is not that popular here in Canada. Yes in fact there is allot of great Canadian talent out here, but I am more influenced by classical music, the way I grew up in Europe and the female European singers as mentioned earlier. I may return back to Europe eventually.

The big question is, when will we see something released in your own name?
-I am currently searching for a descent label to release my fist self titled album. I am ready to release all the Blackest Orchid Collaborations and I am very proud of this work. So stay tuned for my first release, I am not in a rush to release anything yet until I have found a good and reliable label that I can trust and work with. Music is the only thing I don’t rush, I allow it to float freely, because music should be free, free standing and free of expression. In the meantime people who enjoy my work can listen now for free on my following pages at,,,
I want to thank you for this interview and everyone else out there who has been enjoying and supporting BLACKEST ORCHID. All the best and keep it real in HELL\m/-l-\m/.

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