With so many cool bands out there to check out I offer you some minor guidance by introducing you to BLADE CISCO. Anders Ekdahl ©2019

Do you feel that is has gone the way you intended when you formed back in the days?
-BC: Hi. We think it has gone more or less the way when we formed back in the days. When you start a band inside you, if you have a great passion for music, you always hope to play on big stages and acquire more and more fans. But in the end the most successful and rewarding part of this passion is when someone, even a few, appreciate your music.

How do you feel about your latest recording? Did it come out the way you expected it to?
BC: We are very happy of the results. Maybe it came out better than we expected.

Do you feel that you by now has found a sound that is the band and that you can build on it ?
BC: Our fans always told us the they like the sound they listen from us when we play live. But the sound search never ends for a big music lover, so we think it will evolve again, even if the foundation of it has always been and will be there.

Is having a message in the lyrics important to you? What kind of topics do you deal with?
BC: This album, as illustrated by the cover, talks about finding your way, in contrasts in life, living on the edge of the blade every time you are in front of a crossroads or decision to take.

How important is the cover art work for you? Can a really cool cover still sell an album in this day and age of digital download?
BC: Cover artwork is always important. Nowadays people uses several digital platforms, such as Spotify, iTunes, YouTube etc. on which your artwork is visible, and maybe it can push the people to digitally download your album if they like the songs and, unconsciously, the cover artwork too.

Why is it so hard for bands that come from places not the US or UK/Sweden/Scandinavia to break big? What is success to you and is it something you’d like to achieve?
BC: we think that bands from those Countries have big talent, it’s not only a cultural or a language reason. Sure people from North Europe, generally speaking, are able to speak a very good English, we ha e to be sincere that Italians have not the same level. But those guys are also great musicians, and in this sense their musical culture is really impressive.
We don’t aim for success, we’d like to play our music, melodic rock, in front of people who can appreciate our genre and what we have to say.

Today the competition is harder. You got plenty of digital platforms for new talent to display their music. How do you do to really stand out in a world where everything but the music is blind to the listener?
BC: you need to master the social apps, social is the password for many accesses. Above all young people are used to listen to music on the socials, then if they like the first listening approach they go deeper in the listening, maybe collecting more information about the artists.

What is your local scene like? How important is a national scene for a band to be able to break out and make it international?
BC: You know, Melodic Rock is not popular music, above all in Italy. This music scene here is for a few persons, but they are guys very informed, they are connoisseurs and with ear up, so when you receive criticisms or compliments you know they arrive from persons who know their stuff. And above all most of the time Music is some kind of a religion for them, and this is good.

Rock and metal has come a long way since the early 70s but still some people’s attitudes towards it seem to be left in the stone age. How accepted is metal in your area? Is it like in Finland where it seems to come with the mother’s milk?
BC: No, it isn’t. But the answer could be the same given for the question before. Rock and Metal in our area still has followers, not so many, but very faithful ones. Unfortunately and for cultural reason Hard Rock, Melodic Rock or Metal is not popular here in Italy as in some Northern European Countries, but the number and the quality of bands is increasing.

What does the future hold for you?
BC: As everyone we hope this pandemic will end soon, we have planned some live dates important for us and as many bands we’re risking to have them canceled. This period is good to start writing again new stuff, who knows, maybe there will be soon a second BC chapter!

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